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Rahu-Ketu Transit - How Will It Effect You | Asttrolok

Rahu-Ketu Transit - How Will It Effect You | Asttrolok

How Will It Effect You | Rahu-Ketu Transit

Asttrolok | Rahu will transit in Taurus and Ketu in Scorpio on 23 September, 2020. This transit will be of 18 months i.e. Rahu-Ketu will remain in these zodiacs till April 12, 2022. Let us know what will be the effect of this transit on the 12 zodiac signs.

Aries: Early times will be troublesome for this zodiac. Income can be negatively affected. Chances of relocation and change in profession are also possible. You could stay away from family. For the growth of your wealth,  you can incur debt. During this time, you may have to face mental problems. As a result of which you can opt for yog and meditation.

Remedy: Avoid taking  loan from a friend or any senior. Ego can come with money. So, stay alert. Do not boast about yourself otherwise enemies may arise. Worship Durga Maa and Lord Vishnu.

Taurus: Rahu will stay in Taurus for one and a half years. The lord of this zodiac is Venus and he is also a friend of Rahu. This zodiac can expect good progress in professional field. Suddenly respect and fame will increase. There will be some difficulty in meditation in the initial time, but later the time will be favorable. Natives can have a lot of desires in this duration.

Remedy: The natives of Taurus should control their desires. For this, they can chant 'Om Namah Chandikaya' mantra.

Gemini: Time will be troublesome for the natives of this sign. Expenses will increase unintentionally. There is a possibility of loss and theft. The savings will be low. Health can also be affected. Decision making ability will be weak. Relocation may occur. You can also go out of home or abroad.

Remedy:  Engage youself in selfless service. Provide food to the poor. Must donate some part of the income. You can also afford medicine for the needy. Worship Durga Devi and Lord Vishnu.

Cancer: It’s a good time for this zodiac sign. During this period, sources of income will increase and pending works will be completed. Desires will be high. There will be a lot of income, but be careful and earn money in right way. Time is not favorable for married life. There is a possibility of cheating from the spouse. Business can also be affected in this duration.

Remedy: Respect your spouse well. Don’t expect much. Distribute food, blankets to the poor and chant Durga Devi mantra.

Leo: This time will be very good for the natives of this sign. There will be opportunities for progress from all sides. Business will spread rapidly. Turning point in career. You could be very busy during this time. Also, hard work will pay.

Remedy:  During this period, you will crave for material pleasures. So control yourself. Chant Om Namo Narayana Mantra. One can worship Goddess Chamunda Devi for spiritual practice and Lord Vishnu for material pleasures.

Virgo:  The coming time is not good for the natives of this zodiac. There may be problems in marital relations. There is a possibility of a dispute with the father. Also, this time is also not favorable for the health of the father. Respect for the Guru may decrease.

Remedy: Chanting mantras, especially Guru worshiping can improve time. Serve the needy. The native can also chant om namah shivaye and the planet Guru mantra.

Libra:  It is a good time to practice mantra for the natives of this zodiac. This is the best time for awakening Kundalini. There is a possibility of relocation. Traveling abroad is also possible. Also, time is favorable for learning astrology, yoga and Ayurveda, but mental troubles can also occur during this period. There can also be a negative impact on marital life. Spouse's health will be affected.

Remedy:  Chant on namah shivaye mantra. Worship Kali Maa and Lord Vishnu. Secret relationships may be exposed, so stay away from such activities. Keep a check on your cravings.

Scorpio:  Natives of this zodiac may face troubles in marital life. There is a possibility of getting cheated on your spouse or business. Wisdom can be corrupt. There will be a bad effect on income. In such a situation, pay special attention to the means of earning money.

Remedy: Recite Mahamrityunjaya Mantra and Om Namah Shivaye. Drink plenty of water.

Sagittarius: The people of this zodiac will get a mixed effect of this transit. They will remain in competition but enemies will not be able to dominate. Time is not good for marriage, family and health. There may be mental trouble also.

Remedy: Avoid competition. Focus on eating habits. Do not consume alcohol. During this period, it would be better to chant the mantra of Guru, Hanuman Chalisa and Gayatri Mantra.

Capricorn: This zodiac natives will be busy in making plans. There will be an increase in the aspirants and short cuts can be adopted to complete them. There may be bad effect on income. Children can also have problems.

Remedy:  Chant Om Namah Shivaye. Visit Mahakaal. Avoid junk food.

Aquarius: The people of this zodiac have to be careful. Health can be affected. Do not take any medicine without doctor's advice. The mind will be restless. You Can wander from the direction. Time to go abroad is good but expenses will be more. There may be a problem in the professional field. You will not be able to fulfill the ambitions.

Remedy: You can avoid losses by converting expenses into investments. Chant Durga Devi mantra, Om Namah shivaye mantra daily. Fasting on Wednesday or Saturday can improve the time.

Pisces: Time will be very good for the people of Pisces. Income will increase, there will be opportunities of adventure. Pending work will be completed. Although from November 2020 to April 2021, there may be some problems due to non-fulfillment of wishes, but later the time will get better.

Remedy: Apply turmeric or sandalwood tilak on forehead. Take juice.  Chant the Guru mantra or wear gems related to jupiter. You can also chant Om Namah shivaye and Vishnu Sahasranaam.

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Transcripted by Shivani Mehta


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