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Weekly Horoscope 20th April-26th April 2020

Weekly Horoscope 20th April-26th April 2020

Mercury will set in between April 20 to 26, and then the zodiac will change to Aries. Its effect can provide relief to distressed people in health-related matters. This week can be a good time for 6 of the 12 zodiac signs due to changes in planetary movements. These days big things can be planned. So, check what's your zodiac is saying.

Aries: Early in the week is the right time for married life and be ready for some new changes. In the middle of the week, you may get upset about any previous experience. Do not take any risk related to money at this time and be careful in starting new work. Love life will be useful to understand the partner's feelings and be restrained. But, mental troubles, stress, and tension can lead to a lack of sleep.

Taurus: This week, Taurus people will have health-related problems. You will have to seek help from someone for your exceptional work, and your work will be completed at the last moment. Your interest in means of communication, electrical and electronic equipment may increase. You can get money from anywhere in the previous days of the week. Be alert as your partner may be angry regarding past issues.

Gemini: You will be trying to change jobs and business, but you will not get the success that leads to mental stress. You may also have to do some unwanted work. There may be a dispute with a friend, and you will feel confused. Well, your partner can expect something special from you, and you will fulfill the partner's desire, and your love will also increase.

Cancer: Stress can be relieved this week as necessary negotiations related to jobs and business are likely to be completed. One can make a new plan to deal with old problems. There may be differences of opinion at home with your family members. Avoid negative thoughts to stay calm because it can increase stress. Unmarried people can get marriage proposals. This week will give you some bitter and sweet experiences in your love life.

Leo: The week could be beneficial as your confidence will also increase. These days you can be very helpful to others. People from faraway places can benefit you. Mid of the week will be useful for you. New people can be interacted with. Get advice from your partner this week while you do not try to take shortcuts.

Virgo: Saving will increase at the beginning of the week. Be absolutely practical in the field as new ideas can move you forward. These days a conversation can happen with someone new, which will provide unique business opportunities. Fight back the negativity in your mind. Be restrained in front of your partner this week as problems in personal relationships can end.

Libra: Go with the flow this week, and don't try to change anything as it will be beneficial for you. These days, due to the non-completion of planned work, your troubles may increase, but in the coming days, you will also get help. There may be tension regarding the health of the spouse. You may have some significant job responsibilities. Your life partner may be tense this week, so respect the partner's feelings. Continuous work can disturb you both physically and mentally.

Scorpio: This week, your expectations about jobs and business may remain unfulfilled. You may suddenly get some offers that you will not be ready for. If you are working from home, then this week a lot of work will have to be done without any plans. Your love life will be beautiful, but there is a possibility of some minor injury, so take precautions related to food.

Sagittarius: You have to take the initiative for any specific work. This week's stars can make new money related plans in your personal life. There can be confusion about everyday functioning. For people working at home, a job or business can become a challenging situation. The love relationship with a partner will be strengthened.

Capricorn: The beginning of the week will be right for you, and the average time is also auspicious for you. Pay full attention to finding a job this week. This week you can make accurate and useful decisions. With the help of others, a big task can be completed today. Any seasonal disease can also bother you.

Aquarius: Time will be mixed for you. You can either apply for a new job at the beginning of the week or ask for an increment in the same position. These days, you will try to know the other's mind. Your curiosity will increase with many things. You can also witness a mixed effect on your love life.

Pisces:  Be careful about your work as stress may increase. Some critical works will also not be completed on time. Do not share your secrets with anyone. This week can demand more hard work, and that is the reason it is the right time to work together with others. Relationships with people around will be okay. You can also be involved in some kind of social work but have to be careful about your own health.


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