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Corona Virus & Astrology | An Astrological View on Corona Virus | Remedies to remain safe

Corona Virus & Astrology | An Astrological View on Corona Virus | Remedies to remain safe

Corona virus or COVID-19 has now emerged as a massive problem in today’s time, and almost every country has now become vulnerable to it. Every day new cases from countries such as America, Iran, and Italy etc. are coming up where the Corona virus infection is being confirmed. 

Right now, the world is facing a critical situation where everyone is in panic and feeling unsafe. It’s not to keep precaution rather than being panic. People need to follow the advice suggested by the government and doctors so you can be safe while the entire world is taking this virus as per their interpretation. At the same time, Astrology has something to say about this as well. 

Interpretation of Corona virus through Astrology:

1. Corona Virus or COVID-19 is the infectious disease spread on the global level is mainly contracted by marine products or seafood. Astrology has profound unrest interpretation about Corona virus (COVID-19) which you can read below:

2. One planet is not responsible for these diseases or virus as it is developed due to the combination of many worlds. And, Moon is the main to spread this virus as it belongs to water elements which mean sea-related are problems are attached to it.

3. Moon is not alone to spread the issues as Ketu (whom we consider as the virus) and Rahu also responsible for the same. 

4. On the other side, Sun is the planet of a benefactor, which works for your healthy immune system. Sun has transited in zodiac signs in January, and Saturn rules it but, as Sun posited in the Saturn, it acts weak.

5. Mercury is also involved in it as an acute condition like pneumonia is also in the symptoms of Corona virus. Jupiter is the planet of expansion which spreads these diseases too. Conjunction of Ketu & Jupiter played an essential role in making the diseases for dense. 

Corona virus & Its Astrological Remedies

Immunity always plays a crucial role to protect you from the virus. Those who have a weaker immunity can easily get affected by this virus as well. Corona hits your immune system directly. 
Here has a look, how to be safe from the Corona virus by using Astrological Remedies:

1. To boost your immunity, use Ayurveda as much as you can. Take organs, garlic, yoghurt, green chillis, lemon etc. 

2. Consume Amla, gooseberry and lemon as it is rich in Vitamin-C while soak yourself in Sun to get Vitamin D to let your body help to fight from diseases. 

3. Make a bag using cloves, black pepper, cardamom, Javitri etc.

4. Meditation and Sudarshan kriya can also help to improve the immune system.

5. The chanting of Om Namah Shivaya can help to make your Jupiter secure; chanting of Ganesh mantra can help you safe from the effect of Ketu. 

6. Do Rudra pooja or listen for Mangal as it keeps you protected.

Well, astrology also says, the effect will spread further between May and September despite preventive measures being carried out.

Be safe, Be protected and Be healthy!

Must watch this video for more clarification on Corona Virus - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrpO2qeS-xE


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