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This Holi What Colour Will Suit Your Zodiac Sign

This Holi What Colour Will Suit Your Zodiac Sign

The festival of colors is just around the corner, and every it super excited to celebrate it because it is the first Holi of new decade i.e., 2020. On 9th and 10th March, people are going to celebrate this festival with full zeal. 

As we know, the festival is all about colors so, don’t you think so we should celebrate this with the luckiest color? Yes, every zodiac has its lucky color, and playing with this color will make your life happy, and you will never feel a shortage of anything in your life.
So, here find out which color belongs to your zodiac:

Lucky Colour for Holi: Red

The color of Isht Dev will be the luckiest one for this Holi as Aries sign will uniquely celebrate this colorful festival. Bright red colors would be the best choice for you to play this Holi.

Lucky Colour for Holi: Pink & Sky blue 

The venue is the ruling planet of Taurus, which makes the native very enthusiastic in activities. They are very balanced in life, so, colors like sky blue and pink are suggested to them because it will give them luck and energy.

Lucky Colour for Holi: Yellow, Green and Sparkling Red 

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which makes them come up with new ideas. They always are at the center of the celebration. Yellow, Green, and Sparkling Red are the luckiest color for them this Holi.

Lucky Colour for Holi: White or Pale blue

Moon is their planet, and water is the element to which they belong. The native of this zodiac loves to celebrate at home. Family is their priority. The lucky color of this zodiac is white and pale blue.

Lucky Colour for Holi: Orange

Fire is the element, while Sun is the ruling planet of Leo. The individual belongs to this love to decorate their home. Orange is the suggested lucky color for them.

Lucky Colour for Holi: Peach, Yellow, and Brown

Yellow and brown would be the best for Virgo this Holi as they belong to the element Earth.
Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which makes them very disciplined. 

Lucky Colour for Holi: Purple, Dark Blue, Violet, and Red.
Venus is the planet of Libra, which means the people are very adjustable and friendly. New friend making is their first choice. Colors like red, violet, dark blue and purple are their lucky color.

Lucky Colour for Holi: Pink, Green, Red, and Yellow

They always are in their flow as Mars is the ruling planet of this zodiac. Pink, Green, Red, and yellow are the recommendations for people who belong to this.

Lucky Colour for Holi: Lime Yellow

Single color is suggested for Sagittarius; This Holi lime-yellow would be the lucky color as they belong to the planet Jupiter. People are comfortable in every environment.

Lucky Colour for Holi: Grey, Brown, Blue, Black

Grey, Black, Blue, Brown is their color of Holi. Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn is the fun and jolly zodiac sign. People love to celebrate the festival strangely.

Lucky Colour for Holi: Green, Violet and, Blue
Saturn rules over the Zodiac sign Aquarius, the cool colors like blue, green and violet would be suitable for them to play this Holi.

Lucky Colour for Holi: Pink, Indigo, Red, and Green

This is the last zodiac sign which belongs to Jupiter and water element. The person is suggested to play with pink, red, green, and indigo.

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