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Mercury In Vedic Astrology

Mercury In Vedic Astrology

Mercury is the first planet of the solar system but, in Astrology, it is considered as the neutral planet. It is also known for its nature to be variable, convertible and neutral. Mercury shows native's mentality, reaction, impression, etc. It is actually an intellectual planet that shows genuineness, reproducibility, etc.

It is considered as the ruling planet for zodiacs like Gemini and Virgo. Those who are ruling with this planet can be adaptable in every situation as well as always be curious to know and communicate. It also has some negative aspects of the natives as it makes them indecisive, critical, and filled with nervous and anxious energy. 

But, native feel it is easy to express their heart out, they can share their thoughts and feelings with people with ease. The traits of Mercury are not limited to this, as it has much more than that, which you can see below.

Traits of Mercury:

  • Mercury is the prince in the solar system.
  • Its earth element, and control two Rashis Gemini and Virgo. 
  • Mercury stays about 4 weeks in a Rashi.
  • He represents speech, intelligence, maternal uncles, short journeys, the medical profession, trade, computers and the web, astrology, and knowledge of the Shastras, accounts, mathematics, journalism, printing, and publishing.
  • Metal is bronze, the gem is emerald, color is green and direction north.
  • Its karaka of voice and main karaka of business and intellect.
  • All kind of communication whether through verbal, telecom, letter, Internet, etc comes into mercury 
  • Mercury with good aspects shows a little diplomatic brain and excellent disputant character. The native will highly believe in logical things, he will convert himself according to the situation. 
  • Planet Mercury rules over one's mentality, the central nervous system, and the body language.
It is also a talkative planet so people born with the ruling planet Mercury can become successful salesmen, marketing persons, insurance agents, and Public Relations executives with excellent communication skills.  

Here have a look at the traits of Mercury in different houses:

Traits of Mercury in the 1st house of the horoscope:
  • Mercury in the Lagna(Ascendant) makes the person very intelligent and gives him a great sense of humor
  • Mercury if in own Rashi or exalted makes a great raj yoga here which makes the native very intelligent, a great mathematician 
  • Mercury being a benefic planet in Lagna gives prosperity and fame to the native
  • If this mercury is afflicted then the person has multiple thoughts and changes his mind very soon. 
  • Afflicted Mercury in the 1st house makes the person characterless and if it is with Rahu gives depression also. 

Traits of Mercury in the 2nd house of the horoscope:

  • Mercury in the 2nd house makes the person intelligent and gives good education.
  • The person is born into a rich family and gets a good initial education.
  • Mercury in the second house makes the person very diplomatic in speech, if afflicted then the natives become liar, if with Ketu it makes the person hesitant to speak, if with Rahu then the person will speak too much, if with Jupiter then very polite, with Saturn then the person is a liar.
  • Mercury is the planet of business, sitting in the house of wealth, makes the native business-minded and lucky, if afflicted then the natives tend to steal other’s money and do malpractice in money-making. 

Traits of Mercury in the 3rd house of the horoscope:

  • 3rd house is the house of communication and Mercury is the karaka of communication, when Mercury sits in the 3rd house it makes the native a very good communicator, and the natives work in the field of astrology, teaching, consultancy, mobile, and communication industry. 
  • 3rd house mercury is good for a publication, spiritual activities, media, advertising, and the communication industry.
  • 3rd house is the house of writing, all the writers, poets, journalists, orators generally have some relationship of Mercury with 3rd house. 
  • Afflicted Mercury in the 3rd house makes the person a cheater, gives him a harsh speech, he gets troubles in the travel.

Traits of Mercury in the 4th house of the horoscope:

  • 4th house mercury gives a career related to software, communication, trading, etc.
  • It makes the person very intelligent, has an interest in creative activities.
  • The person lives in a big house and has a cordial relationship with the mother.
  • Mercury in the 4 house gives properties, money and all the happiness to the native.o-
  • It can lead the native to a foreign land.
  • Afflicted mercury here makes the person a cheater, characterless, interested in other women and pleasure freak.
  • The native doesn’t focus on one job and tries to do multiple things at one time and it makes him restless. 

Traits of Mercury in the 5th house of the horoscope:

  • Well educated, very intelligent, writer and a very good poet. 
  • Mercury here in fiery sign makes the native good in math, astrology, Vedic studies, and dancing. 
  • If in earthy signs it is good for learning physics, palmistry, grammar
  • If in the water signs it makes the natives a clerk, language expert, and administrator.
  • Mercury in the 5th house is very good for children but if afflicted in a female chart it gives abortion also. 
  • Bad mercury in the 5th house makes the native confuse and reduces the decision making powers. 

Traits of Mercury in the 6th house of the horoscope:

  • If mercury is well placed it gives very good intellect and fame here but the native is of fighting nature. 
  • Mercury here gives spiritual and divine knowledge from saints
  • Afflicted Mercury here gives poor intellect, mental issues, skin issues, poor digestion system and diseases in genitals. 
  • 6th house mercury badly placed creates obstacles in education. 

Traits of Mercury in the 7th house of the horoscope:

  • Mercury although a benefic planet gives problems in marriage. It has a nature of duality and impotent planets. 
  • 7th house mercury natives generally lack potency and any relationship of mercury with 7th house gives problems in marriage. 
  • Since it’s a benefic planet it makes the person intelligent, and well learned, obedient, famous 
  • The wife of the natives is from an influential family, very intelligent and beautiful. 
  • The native gets worries after marriage if badly placed it gives conflicts, divorce, multiple marriages also. 

Traits of Mercury in the 8th house of the horoscope:

  • It is the best placement for becoming an astrologer, the native is spiritual and has a command of his speech. 
  • The native’s longevity increases, he lives a very healthy life and dies peacefully
  • Mercury here gives parental properties and inheritance and makes him very wealthy
  • Afflicted Mercury makes the person crook, liar and full of sexual desires. 
  • Afflicted mercury here decreases the age of the native and gives mental problems and disorders, skin problems at the lower part of the body and pains in thighs and legs

Traits of Mercury in the 9th house of the horoscope:

  • 9th house mercury makes the person super-intelligent, scientist, researcher, singer, music composer and very rich
  • Mercury here makes the person spiritual, philosopher, astrologer.
  • The native becomes religious, and travel for religious purpose
  • It gives a very good relationship with father and guru
  • If its bad places, the natives become rebellious to their religion, had a bad relationship with their father and fickle-minded. 
  • The native becomes restless and tries to do multiple things at one time but doesn’t complete any.

Traits of Mercury in the 10th house of the horoscope:

  • If mercury exalted or in its sign here forms a great raj yoga
  • The natives become famous in his profession, is very good in communication, intelligent and very close the influential people
  • The natives earn through communication, software or creative fields or any field where the implementation of mind is required. 
  • The native has a very sharp memory, intelligent, famous and gives early success in life. 
  • Badly placed or afflicted mercury gives uncertainty in the career and native himself spoils his career. He becomes careless and makes the wrong decision in his career. 

Traits of Mercury in the 11th house of the horoscope:

  • Blessed with best of qualities
  • Good mercury here gives many friends and knowledge of science
  • The person is very intelligent, famous, prosperous, happy and generally do business
  • It’s a strong placement for learning scriptures and astrology
  • Strong mercury here fulfill all the desire of the native and he is loved by the opposite sex. 

Traits of Mercury in the 12th house of the horoscope:

  • It’s a bad placement for mercury, the native has a poor memory and decision making power
  • He uses his mind to cheat people and doesn’t obey any rules of law. 
  • It makes the person lazy, deprived of education and humiliated. 
  • The person travels a lot, especially to foreign countries. 
  • If aspected by benefic Mercury here gives inclination towards spirituality and good sixth sense


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