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Weekly Horoscope (13th January 2020 to 19th January 2020)

Weekly Horoscope (13th January 2020 to 19th January 2020)

We have come back again with the weekly horoscope from 13th January to 19th January 2020. Let's read below what this week is holding for you.

Aries: The perception and thinking of yours would be in one way while the world will think in another way. You will feel the power is coming from the darkness just like light.

Taurus: Whatever you feel in common between and someone will change. You will start thinking the world differs from your thought. This week empathy will guide you in a better way.

Gemini: Do you know what works in your favour most of the time? You always present yourself in a way you deem. Allow others to be in your real nature to become a real friend.

Cancer: Resentment may build rather than trust if you move around your feelings. You need to confront your fear of relationship.

Leo: To fulfil your potential, you need to choose relationships that empower you. You might feel and have an intuition to make many sacrifices for love, but this is the time for self-love. Find out who supports you and how you can love yourself.

Virgo: This week is for romance. You might find your crush or excitement will boost in your relationship. Don't restrict yourself to feel the butterflies. Add freedom to colour and show your playfulness in your relationship.

Libra: This week you will commit to yourself more for self-care. From the monotonous work routine, you need to move towards the creative side. Try what you can do or learn.

Scorpio: This week will let you do a party and flirt. Make fun your priority as well as rejuvenate your perspective of life. You will work harder after knowing that what will give you joy.

Sagittarius: This week you holy corner is calling you so, rest the world aside and focus on yourself. Keep your surroundings clean and fresh it will give you good vibrations.

Capricorn: You will learn from the saying of others. You were trapped in your head from so many times. Open yourself to talk or share our thoughts with your friend or anyone who can listen to you to realize what's wrong with you.

Aquarius: Now, you will reawaken from a spiritual introspection. Take the risk to experiment with your plans and ideas. Be ready to face the failure coming in your way and accept it. Every failure will lead to success.

Pisces: Its time to embrace the world and open your heart.  Expand your experiences and build yourself emotionally. You will feel motivation is coming from passion so, never let your ego come between anything.

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