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Chandra Grahan 10th January 2020

Chandra Grahan 10th January 2020

2020 First Chandra Grahan: Date, Time and Precautions

After witnessing the solar eclipses or Surya Grahan, we are going to see the first Chandra Grahan or Lunar Eclipse of 2020. Chandra Grahan is ubiquitous as compare to Surya Grahan. 

Lunar Eclipse has three different types, such as complete, partial, and penumbral. And, this time, we will see the penumbral eclipse, which will occur on 10th January 2020. This is the first Chandra Grahan of 2020, and after that, this year, we will see three more.

Date and time of lunar eclipse or Chandra Grahan:
In 2020, the lunar eclipse will occur on the 10th of January, Friday. This is the first Chandra Grahan of 2020, which will start from 10th Jan at 10:37 pm IST to end on Jan 11th at 2:42 am. So, it will last up to 4 hours and 5 minutes.

Where to watch this Grahan on January 10, 2020?
This lunar eclipse will be seen in the part of India along with countries across Europe & Africa. This eclipse will not be visible in the part of the US because of the daylight.

Precautions to take care:
There are so many precautions suggested at the time of solar eclipse but, in a lunar eclipse, there are no measures precautions you need to take care of. It is entirely safe to look this by your naked eyes.

Next date of lunar eclipse:
In 2020, the lunar eclipses will occur three times more. On June 05, 2020, July 4th, 2020, and November 29th, 2020. Among these three, only June 5th eclipse will be seen in the parts of India while there would be partial visibility of eclipse November 29th.

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