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 Planetary Friend & Enemies

Planetary Friend & Enemies

Graha Maitri: This is the analysis of the relationship of friendliness or enmity between the planets (Grahas)

To understand Graha Maitri better, first, we need to keep in mind both the mythological background of the planets and their basic elements/characteristics. In mythological stories, we have studied the mutual friendships and enmity between planets. In terms of tattvas as well, there are similarities and differences and this drives Graha Maitri too. As per this, if we see the tattva distribution and the characteristics a) Surya, Chandra and Guru are planets of Sattva and stand for happiness b) Budha and Shukra are planets of Rajas and stand for activity and c) Shani, Mangal, Rahu and Ketu are planets of Tamas and stand for desires (leading to punishment and anxiety).

An important matter in Vedic Jyotish is understanding the behavior of a certain planet towards other planets. To understand through a daily life analogy, if a person were to be at an enemy’s place, then principally he would face many difficulties or in the least, would not achieve results that he desires. If he were with a close friend or at a friend’s house, then he would be happy, hence productive and satisfied. Then there could be a neutral relationship which would be neither this nor that kind of a situation. So these 3 types of dynamics apply to Graha Maitri calculation too.

The second pattern is - two planets could be generally friendly but disagreeing in a particular situation, for example like a husband and wife disagreeing on what they should do on an evening. This is called temporary enmity. Similarly, enemies could turn into temporary friends. This can be understood with an example like, India and China pushing a common agenda at a NATO conference. We call this temporary friendship or enmity (taatkaalik mitrataa / shatruta).

Natural (Naisargik) Friendship / Enmity: 

The natural relationship of a planet is determined based on the lordship of rashis and hence these relationships are general and applicable across all charts. In other words, the below principles can be applied to every chart since these are the natural relationships between the planets.

Principle 1 - To find out natural friendship, start from Moolatrikona of a planet. The lords of the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th and 12th houses from the Moolatrikona of a planet are friendly to that planet. 

For Guru, Dhanu Rashi being Moolatrikona, the lords of Makar, Meena, Mesha, Karka, Simha and Vrischika rashis are friends. Hence, as per this principle, the consolidated list of friends is Shani, Guru (himself), Mangal, Chandra, and Surya. 

For Surya, Simha Rashi being Moolatrikona, the lords of Kanya, Vrischika, Dhanu, Meena, Mesha, and Karka rashis are friends. Hence, as per this principle, the consolidated list of friends is Budha, Mangal, Guru, and Chandra.

When a planet is friendly with both rashis of another planet as per the above principle, then we call the relationship close friendship (‘ati mitr’). For example, For Surya, Guru is ati mitr.

Principle 2 - To find out natural enmity, start from Moolatrikona of a planet. The lords of the 3rd, 6th, 7th, 10th and 11th houses from the Moolatrikona of a planet are enemies to that planet. 

For Guru, Dhanu Rashi being Moolatrikona, the lords of Kumbha, Vrishabha, Mithuna, Kanya, and Tula rashis are enemies. Hence, as per this principle, the consolidated list of enemies is Shani, Shukra, and Budha.

For Surya, Simha Rashi being Moolatrikona, the lords of Tula, Makar, Kumbha, Vrishabha and Mithuna rashis are enemies. Hence, as per this principle, the consolidated list of enemies is Shukra, Shani, and Budha.

When a planet is an enemy with both rashis of another planet as per the above principle, then we call the relationship true enmity (‘ati shatru’). 

Principle 3 - If a planet is friendly with one Rashi of a planet and is enemy with the 2nd Rashi of the same planet, then the relationship turns neutral (neither friend nor enemy)

In the examples given in the above two principles, note the relationship between the following pairs of planets and we can see they are neutral by applying principle 3.

For Guru, Makar is mitr rashi but Kumbha is shatru rashi. So the lord, Shani is neutral to Guru.

For Surya, Kanya is mitr rashi but Mithun is shatru rashi. So the lord, Budha is neutral to Surya.

With neutral planetary relationships, an additional concept can be understood that the planet is posited in the friendly Rashi among the two rashis is relatively better than when the planet is posited in the enemy Rashi. For example: To Mangal, Shukra is neutral. Among Shukra’s two lordship rashis, Mangal posited in Vrishabh is comparatively better than Mangal posited in Tula Rashi. 

Additional points to note: 

  • Even though for Surya, Budha is neutral, when calculated from Budha, Surya is friendly. From a mythological standpoint, Surya is Budha’s father, a King and hence that aligns with the formulaic outcome.

  • Chandra is the only planet that doesn’t consider any planet to be an enemy, irrespective of other planets considering Chandra to be an enemy. Chandra considers Surya and Budha as friends and rest as neutral. Chandra is the significator of the mother and the mind, hence from a characteristic standpoint this aligns as well. 

  • Rahu and Ketu won’t be considered in these principles. Rahu works as Shani and Ketu work as Mangal. Generally, it is considered that due to their malefic nature, they have an enemy relationship with all planets and that all planets consider them as their enemies. Rahu and Ketu eclipse Surya and Chandra (Grahan) so they consider Surya and Chandra as the biggest enemies (param shatru).

  • No planet considers Guru an enemy. They either consider as a friend or neutral. 
  1. So as an example, even though Guru considers Budha as ati shatru, Budha considers Guru neutral. This can be understood that intellect yearns to reach the levels of wisdom and only when one leaves their intellect, can they attain wisdom (or Mukti)
  2. Guru considers Shukra an enemy but Shukra considers Guru as neutral. Guru wants materialism eliminated from the native’s life, but Shukra is a teacher as well and impersonated Guru as per mythology. In Vrishabha and Tula Lagna charts, Guru unless strong is malefic. However, in Dhanu and Meena Lagna's charts, Shukra is average.

  • Shani, Shukra, and Budha consider Chandra as the enemy. Mythologically, Budha considers Guru as the father and not Chandra who is the real father. Seen from another perspective, Budha is intellect and Chandra is the mind and this reflects the contrast between the intellect and the mind. When these two planets are together in any house, there can be seen higher tensions in that life area.

Temporary (Tatkaalik) Friendship/ Enmity:

Temporary relationships are determined specifically in each and every chart, hence the term ‘temporary / tatkaalik’. Also, a key difference between natural and temporary relationships is - natural friendship or enmity is determined based on Rashi lordships from moolatrikona of the planet, whereas temporary friendship or enmity is determined based on planets occupying certain houses in that individual chart.

Principle 4: 
Any planet is a temporary friend to a planet posited in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th, and 12th houses. Planets posited in the rest of the houses are temporary enemies. 

In other words, for any planet in a chart, the planets posited in 3 houses on either side are temporary friends and the rest are temporary enemies (that is, 1st, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th houses).

The combination of natural and temporary friendship or enmity yields a chart that is called ‘Panchdha maitri chakra’. If two planets have a natural friendship but temporary enmity or natural enmity but temporary friendship, then we consider the relationship to be neutral. 

However, it is observed that natural friendships and enmities between planets dominate.

A successful jyotishi internalizes the above relationship basics as well as the formulaic method. By blending these principles with knowledge of functional malefic and benefic in a chart, one can interpret charts effectively. 

Spoken By: Mr. Alok Khandelwal
Transcripted By: Madhusudhan Rao


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