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Does Astrology Really work?

Does Astrology Really work?

Scientists say astrology doesn't work but, those who believe in it say it works definitely. Now, the question comes, who is right? Who to believe and follow?
So, nothing is wrong, and nothing is right, it just depends on what you consider by work.

Astrology is the study of stars and planets that work on the person's mood, environment, family, love, and overall life. Prediction done by Astrologer is entirely based on the birth chart or horoscope of the native. 
It can calculate the probability of the event that happens in life and will happen in the future following the past. There are several courses available to learn astrology online wherein you will get an in-depth knowledge of Astrology.

How Do Astrology predictions work?

The working of Astrology depends on the birth time of a person. If someone gives wrong information about their birth time and date, then the prediction of the horoscope will not work. Using a birth chart, predictions are made using positions of the planet, either its in-kind or wrong position. 

Apart from the position of the planet, there are certain things will is also helpful in predicting the future i.e., power, degree of the planet, zodiac signs, transit positions, yoga, yogini transit, etc.  

Asttrolok - An Institute of Vedic Astrology gives you an overall understanding which proves astrology works in a real sense. It is related to karma and gives suitable results. For good works, you will get a good result while sin always pays off with a negative effect. 

 Does wearing Gemstones really help??

Yes, gemstones are one of the excellent remedies consider in astrology. It is associated with Astrology as well as Science. It brings changes and lower the impact of the negative result but, at least an innate need to wear it for 40 days to observe the changes. 

So, astrology works when you believe in it. It takes time to work. So many institutes and Astrologers help you to learn astrology online. So, make sure to choose one of the best institutes to build your astrology career or Astrologer to help you in your future predictions. 


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