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Saturn in 6th House of  Horoscope

Saturn in 6th House of Horoscope

Saturn in the 6th house works pretty well; even the sixth house is considered a negative house in Astrology. It deals with the daily life routine of natives like service, servants, maternal uncles, obstacles, disputes, debts, loans, enemies, employees, charge, etc. Saturn transit in the 6th house also undergoes active in physical work.

Saturn works powerfully and weakens enemies by calm and cultivated perspective. It ensures longevity by fighting against all diseases and does not let any diseases to come frequently. It denotes the working of native as a lawyer or in the construction industry. Saturn also brings hard work and struggles in the work environment. 

The 6th house of the horoscope is known to as the essential Ath Trikona, with Saturn in it gives financial stability later in life. It suppresses all the malefic things such as debt, enemies, etc. and brings good health, debt-free life, and good relationships. Saturn also helps to sweeten the relationship by building a social circle. Native also get excellent support from the labors along with domestic help because they are kept filled to a specific area.

On the other hand, Saturn may cause fitness problems to native's intestine, joint pains, and deformity in bones.

Traits of Saturn in the 6th house:

1. If Saturn is in the sixth house, the native will have little learning, and there will be the destruction of enemies
2. The native will defeat his enemies, will own cattle like cows and buffaloes, and will suffer the loss of his uncle.
3. The native has problems related to lower portions of the body
4. Saturn in the 6th house creates a problem with the wife.

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Saturn in 6th House on YouTube -  https://youtu.be/SBYdPA06RCQ


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