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Saturn in 3rd house of  Vedic Astrology

Saturn in 3rd house of Vedic Astrology

The third house is known as the house of efforts, Parakram Bhava or Sahaj Bhava. It indicates a relationship with siblings, either a brother or sister. The nature of this house associated with bravery, daring, boldness, courage, etc. 

When Saturn transit in the third house, is considered one of the best positions of the planet. It encourages people to do hard work and prepare them to face difficulties. Saturn in the third house also brings jealousy for brother, sister, or cousin. It is also suggested that the natives not to go into the partnership business. 

Traits of Saturn in third house:

1. If Saturn is in the third house, there will be loss of brother (or there may be no younger brother). 

2. If Saturn is in his sign or his sign of exaltation, the native will have a good number of brother. 

3. If Saturn is associated with a malefic, the native will be inimical towards his brother  (if there are any).

4. The person concerned will possess a good intellect and high strength.

5. The native will be intelligent, generous and will enjoy the comforts of married life, but he will be lazy and unhappy.

6. The native will be unfortunate on account of his brothers. He will be ambitious and a good orator. He will face many obstacles in his life.

7. Saturn in the 3rd house denotes a long life. He can be spiritual and can become a competent astrologer.

Saturn in 3rd House on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKstTOJ0Lpg

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