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Saturn in 2nd house of Vedic Astrology

Saturn in 2nd house of Vedic Astrology

Saturn is the malefic planet, not beneficial. The second house is the house of  family, which indicates the relations of the native as well as it also shows the accumulated wealth of a native. It is a planet that has all Karmas listed for each native.

As a result of improper misuse of money or other resources, it gets placed in the second house to pull strings and make one learn the importance and value of these things in the modern incarnation.

Saturn is basically the planet known for separation, and when it transit in the second house, it shows lots of issues in getting the result from the above aspects of life. The position of this planet in the second house also shows a lack of interest in the native in the possessions of the world. The view of this planet in the second house also shows a lack of interest in the native in the properties of the world. To fully understand the influence of Saturn in the second house, it is essential to comprehend probable reasons along with the more profound indications of this position.

Traits of Saturn in the second house:

  •  It denotes good health to the native.
  • The native becomes the lord of enormous wealth and property.
  • He also earns a lot of money through illegal methods as gambling, lottery, shares, etc.
  • The person concerned will be immensely rich but will be deprived of his wealth by a king and will suffer diseases in the face.
  • He is a justice lover. But the person stays away from his family and birthplace.
  • He can have a tendency of a thief, can have problems in eyes.
  • Food habits will be tamsik, can be indulged in liquor, tobacco.
  • The native will be harsh in speech.

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