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The Magical Connection between Star and Stone(Gemini  May 21 – June 21)

From the earliest times, people in very culture have sought a way of connecting with the stars and discerning the effect they have on their destinies.

According to astrological teachings the sign of the zodiac under which an individual is born has a great influence on his life , his soul, his character and his general health . Each sign has its own characteristic qualities; each corresponds to a specific area of body and accounts for its strength or weakness. Particularly if one suffers from chronic ailments, one should look for gemstones that not only address symptoms , but also serve to support one’s basic personality type and counteract its weakness.

Geminis love new things, are deeply curious and will readily listen to others.

They  want to learn , sample and experience all that the world has to offer. They are interested in everything .

They find it hard to imagine that someone is uninterested in the problems and  difficulties others face. Their most impressive gift is striking linguistic ability.

They can clearly express in words things that others can barely conceive of.

They have a need to find a verbal equivalence for all  of their experiences and impressions. Through their highly developed intellectual capacity , they have the ability to see all sides of a question.

They rebel against narrow patterns of thought. This inner flexibility and freedom can also lead to ambivalence. Even when Gemini has concluded that a course of action is reasonable and profitable, he can change the spur of the moment. Gemini people will find success in profession that call for creativity , flexibility, openness and communication skills.

The main gemstones for Gemini :

Amber:- Amber gives Gemini people peace in his search for new and undiscovered territories. In its warm glow he will find the needed confidence to realize his plans.

Citrine:- Citrine lights Gemini people’s path , thereby providing the emotional clarity he needs to find his way through difficulties. It also helps him ground spiritual insights in the real world and expand his emotional life.

Carnelian:- This is particularly potent gemstone for Gemini people. It supports spiritual vitality . And through its connection with the earth, it helps keep the volatile Gemini on course. It serves as a firm platform which he can embark on his spiritual quest without the danger of getting lost in a maze.

Yellow sapphire :- Yellow sapphire lends support to all of Gemini people’s plans and goals. It strengthens his will and critical faculties. It helps him be more decisive and feel comfortable with his decisions. Sapphire has particularly effective healing power in cases of stress , anxiety and nervous disorders.

Aquamarine:- Aquamarine helps Gemini attain unity with the deepest levels of his being. It  can show the open-minded and susceptible Gemini people that true freedom requires certain boundaries. With the support of aquamarine the Gemini people can overcome resistances and limitations to his spiritual freedom.

Rock crystal :- Rock crystal provides Gemini with inner clarity and paves the way for spiritual exploration and meditation.

Moss Agate :- Moss agate offers Gemini people’s insight  understanding of different cultures and lifestyles. It gives them the ability to understand the common lot of humanity and live in fellowship with other people.

Tiger’s eye :- This gem encourages Gemini to direct the gaze within and supports clear thinking.

Turquoise :- Turquoise protects Gemini people from negative influences that can easily disturb his aura. It absorbs unhealthy vibration and allows him to maintain his purity and vitality

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