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Rahu:The Demon with a Difference (Part-5)

Rahu:The Demon with a Difference (Part-5)

The manifestation of Rahu in our realm is both in animate and inanimate form.

Basically, everything hidden, paranormal, out of the blue, social outcaste, downtrodden, against the decorum, addictive, alien and enigmatic stuff is the gift of Rahu.

The inanimate representative of Rahu is Space itself. The unknown world beyond our skies, totally alien to our mother planet earth. Some classify the sky as Rahu too but I'm not sure.

Rahu is best seen in smoke.

In fact, Rahu is described as windy and grey just like the smoke from an earthen stove (chulha in Hindi). Rahu is the smoke from the cigarette flake too. Rahu is quick as lightning, appearing in a jiffy and disappearing in another moment. Therefore, lightning, electricity, social media (though it's connected with mercury too as it helps in calculations and communications) is ruled by Rahu. Rahu is the owner of virtuality, illusion, and puzzles. Darkness, activities carried out in dark, space technology, heavy machinery, lottery, gambling, money laundering, watch and clock manufacturing, etc. are the activities of Rahu.

In my personal opinion, Rahu is a kind of kinetic energy which has a hypnotic effect on animate and inanimate alike.

The best illustration of this can be CINEMA. Cinema being a virtual world is controlled by Rahu. Now, let's see how this works when we enter the cinema halls, the entire place is engulfed by darkness which is Rahu.

Only the cinema screen is lighted playing virtual world of the cinema movie.

The movie hero jumps off a cliff to save the heroine, now all the people in the theatre are sane enough to understand that this is impossible in reality but Rahu and it's Maya working perfectly in that atmosphere convinces everyone that the scene is true. Result: audience applauds the stunt, cheers, claps, and whistles Rahu has hypnotized us to believe into such a superhuman feat while in the back of our heads we know this is impossible. 

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