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Love Astrology ! Love Marriage ! Love Horoscope

Love Astrology ! Love Marriage ! Love Horoscope


What's my Materialize Love program all about?

This is the main question revolves in everyone's mind.

People are looking forward to know the kind of love present in their horoscope like one night stand or illegal relationship or sexual attraction.

What is love ??? or we can say what is real love ??

This is the main issue of young generation today.

Here we elaborate the actual meaning of love i.e. love at first sight. So we should know and follow this point in life and never go beyond other thing.

Everyone is curios to know about love or live in sin or love marraige or love break up .

How much time love lasts long ?

This improving mentality haunts everyone. In everyone's chart there is promise of love and affairs.  But how to know this,  there is rule behind this.

If 5th cuspal sublord any way connected with 2nd, 5th, 11th, then we can say promise is there but actual position will depict your horoscope .

In astrology 7th house indicates marriage and Spouse.

The planet Venus is is Kalatra Karaka who is the indicator of marriage and love life. If Venus or 7th lord is conjunction or aspection by Saturn or Mars then native have high chance of unconventional marriage ie: Love marriage.

If Venus is afflicted and aspected by Saturn, Rahu and Mars then native will do love marriage but he may not get support from society or family.

If Venus and Mars conjoins without any benefic aspection then native may indulge in multiple marriage or multiple relationship and if this combination have anything to do with Lagna or 10th house then he may lose his reputation by this act.

If the conjunction of Venus with Saturn and Mars is well placed then the person will have successful love marriage.

For example if Venus, 7th lord, 2nd lord are well placed but have aspection from Saturn without any other affliction then native will have love marriage with positive support from society and family members.

Here we will solve your above query easily by interpreting  your horoscope if you are interested then contact for details.  



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