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When will I go Abroad ?? Are you also thinking this ???

When will I go Abroad ?? Are you also thinking this ???

Today we talk about foreign tour/ trip / travel -

Are you looking forward to go foreign or want to settle in foreign country ???

Let us know how to go overseas.

Today's time is the time when everyone wants to know that when the time will come and they will go to foreign tour in his or her life. When they will get this opportunity. This willing hunts their mind and fills smile on his or her face.

Now a days this is a burning topic in the world of astrology.

Your will get to know this by getting your chart analyzed by an astrologer.

When will your time come for this golden opportunity and escalate your future in the overseas .

In your horoscope, you will see your Ascendant (जन्म लग्न). This is the position of the planet at the time of your birth. In the chart, there are twelve houses. Each house represents the different sphere of life from birth to death.

As we want to know about the foreign trip so we will check only third house, sixth house, eighth house, eleventh house, and twelfth house.

One will have the opportunity to go overseas only when the 12th cuspal sublord will be in star of significator 3rd or 9th or 12th and also  signifies 11th cusp in the time of going to foreign tour in the dasha and sub period of it .

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