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Do you know about Credit Astrology ???

Do you know about Credit Astrology ???

Today we will talk about HOW TO RECEIVE OR PAY LOAN / DEBT / FINANCE

Debt is what we need for future products to make good his or her financial goal.

For this, we should concentrate on the main house of loan i.e. 6th house and its dasha and sub Period.
Whenever in the chart 6th house signifies any manner 2, 6, 10 or 11, then we can say that in the dba of it someone can get debt by opposite side i.e. bank or lender or Debtor.

And when 5 csl signifies 4, 5, 8, 12 we can pay our debt to opposite party. This is the main point, if anyone wish to take or pay his debt ,they can get chart analysed by an astrologer.

Remember that Borrower and Banker  should never lend or borrow or disbursement of loan on Sun /Moon eclipse days because it threatens danger to both the borrower and the banker.
Must follow !!!

1 Borrower should clear off loans on Tuesday 

2 Banker should never take installment or closure of loan amount on Wednesday

3 Banker should never disburse the loan on Thursday .

4. Banker should demand the amount to close the loan or debt on Tuesday from his Borrower.
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