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Learn different aspects of Astrology - Astrology for Marriage

Learn different aspects of Astrology - Astrology for Marriage

Astrology is a very ancient study of stars and planets. It most probably was discovered in Mesopotamia. It was used by every ancient civilization, whether it was Egypt or Babylon. Ancient astrologers noticed that constellations always moved together.

They also noticed that five of the brightest stars moved by themselves. These five stars were named as wanderers. It was known much later that these five weren’t stars but planets. They were named Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. In ancient times, these planets were revered as gods. The other planets were discovered much later.

Astrology for Marriage
It is very common to use astrology for marriage. The charts of the groom and the bride must match in order for the marriage to happen. By matching, it doesn’t mean that they have to match each other 100%. But there is a compatibility factor they should match up to. In India, almost no marriage is complete without matching the kundalis. It is given utmost importance and takes precedence over anything else. Astrology for marriage becomes very important when the girl or boy in question is manglik.

Astrology for Love
Just like marriage, compatibility between two partners is important before marriage also. Several people take to astrology to understand whether their partner is the “one”. Astrologers offer services suited to the demands of couples. They need details like zodiac sign, time of birth, date of birth for making an accurate prediction. Time of birth is very important as wrong time can change the whole nature of prediction. Several people who lack partners also take help of astrology. They want to know whether they will get married or whether it will happen at all.

Astrology for Cancer
Astrology can help with diagnosing cancer. Following are a few pointers as to how astrology helps with detecting cancer.

If you are connected with Ketu or Rahu in the eight, twelfth or ascendant, then there are chances of cancer.

If the lord of the sixth house is the same as Rahu or Ketu axis and is connected to the eight/twelfth house, then there are chances of cancer.

If Rahu is associated with Lagna, the sixth house or the Moon, then there is a chance of cancer.
The affliction of Cancer sign, on the Moon by the fourth house by Ketu or Rahu increases chances of breast cancer.

The planet Mars is a representative of red blood cells, the bone marrow and haemoglobin. The affliction of Mars by Saturn and Rahu/Ketu axis can increase chances of blood cancer.
If Rahu or Ketu is at the sixth house, then the person can get cancer.

The above sentences don’t mean that these conditions will always cause cancer. This means that there are increased chances of the same. And then there is always astrology waiting to help people get rid of these afflictions.

Astrology for Students

Students especially need astrology. It helps them with acing exams, with concentrating on their studies and achieving their goals. Several students wear rings and pendants given to them by astrologers. Wearing them increases your chances of success. The more rings you wear, the more chances of success. Astrology for exam results is becoming more and more popular with students worldwide.

Nowadays several services like exam horoscopes or astrology for education are easily available online. Many students take advantage of these and get to know about their year beforehand. This doesn’t mean that they know exactly what will happen. But they do get a good idea about what is coming.

Astrology for Business Success

Just like students, businessmen also take to astrology for succeeding. Many of them don’t make any decision before consulting an astrologer. Some of them change names and prefer certain numbers over others for increasing chances of success. There are several astrological combinations for conducting successful business. For getting success in any job or any business, you need blessings of the 11th house. Similarly, 3rd house is very important for making new initiatives. The most important one is the 10th house. It is important for the career growth of a person.

Astrology for Career
Career readings for individual signs are easily available on the internet. However, for personalized and accurate predictions, you need the services of an astrologer. If you are in the middle of a job crisis, you need an astrologer. He or she will work on the 6th and 10th houses of your chart. You need the blessings of these two houses for making it work. Some zodiac signs are creative, whereas some others are financially inclined. You should ideally go for a career which is more suited for your zodiac sign. A good astrologer can help you with doing the same.

Astrology for Child
Astrologers can predict the time of birth of your child and even date. They can prepare birth charts and pave the way ahead for the child. If you are facing problems with childbirth, then also astrologers can help you. Child astrology essentially helps you with understanding your own child.

Children are seen from the 5th house of their chart. For example, if your zodiac sign is Taurus, then your ruling planet is Mercury. This information helps you with better parenting. When you get to know about the obstacles they are going to face, it becomes easier to prevent them. Several parents are taking to consulting astrologers for this purpose.

Astrology Expert
A good astrology expert is essential for leading a relatively healthy life. It helps to know what is coming ahead. Your birth chart gives you a very good idea about what is lying ahead. It tells you what type of job you should go for, when is a good time to get married. It can also tell you whether you will excel at academics or not. Make an appointment today and go for it. A good astrologer can not only give you assurance and remove obstacles, but they will also give you astrology gemstones for increased chances of success. So don’t waste time and go for it today.

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