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 Rahu:The Demon with a Difference - Part-2

Rahu:The Demon with a Difference - Part-2

In continuation from part 1

Rahu MD prepares the native for life.

Rahu being an airy planet increases Vaat in the body and if other combinations favours the native becomes overweight with an ugly protruding belly. Hence, to control weight and also to consume the amplified energy(cases where mars + rahu is present) native should follow a balanced diet and regularly practise yoga/exercise.

Native who develop a healthy lifestyle during Rahu periods, is benefitted for life. Another common problem with Rahu is depression. Scientifically depression arises when a person develops a habit of over thinking and becomes self centered. Both things are related to Rahu. Rahu periods make the natives fickle minded specially if rahu and moon are in aspects or in conjunction. The native unable to solve the problems arising or totally isolated or scared of the outcome of the past actions becomes a victim of over thinking and over analysing even the simplest things.

The native develops a tendency to imagine scenarios which are totally utopian. Rahu being the signifactor of darkness, steers the native to look at the "dark side" of everything, turning the native into a hardcore pessimist. Another reason of depression is that in today's world a huge amount of information is available on internet. Internet is ruled by Rahu hence the native keeps on bombarding his/her brain with unnecessary data which ultimately leads to over thinking. The second reason for depression is being self centered or rather being self obsessed.

Rahu as already said leads the person into isolation or he/she becomes surrounded by the people who aren't really his/her well wishers. Hence, the native due to isolation or loneliness arising due to the absence of trustworthy companion, the native is unable to think beyond his circumstances or become obsessed with guarding himself or his secrets. This robes off the native of his creativity, problem solving skills and sometimes common sense too.

Cont'd. in next part.

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