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Different topics are seen through the Divisional or Varga horoscope.

The details of which are some of the major topics and the horoscope to be seen for them.

● D1 All Kind of Subjects

● D2 Property, Capitals, Prosperity

● D3 Brother-Sister, Own Power

● D4 Luck, Fortune, Fixed-Non Fixed Assets, Affairs, Mentality

● D5 Child, Creativity, Nature, Activity, Intelligence

● D6 Health, Disease, Loan, Fights, Litigation

● D7 Child, Partnership, Married Life

● D8 Major Diseases, Big Problems, Litigation, Longevity, Married Life

● D9 Mental Level, Nature, Inner Qualities, Compatibility, Longevity

● D10 Business, Work, Job, Power, Position

● D11 Gains, Profit, Income from Work, Married Life

● D12 Parents, Guardian, Birth Reason, Dream, Mental Health

● D16 Conveyance, Vehicle, Travel

● D20 Worship, Past Life, Any Gain, Sudden Events

● D24 Learning, Study, Intelligence, Knowledge

● D27 Strength, Weakness, Dreams, Communication

● D30 Evil Effects, Children's Future

● D36 Strength During Positive, Negative events

● D40 Auspicious & Inauspicious, All kind of Health issues, Vaastu

● D42 Balance Sheet of Life

● D45 Own Luck, Health, Happiness, Sustainability, Stability, Power of Relation

● D50 All kind of Family & Relatives

● D60 Brief Points, Birth Time Rectification

● D75 Foreign Settlement, Job/Business Changes, Transfer, Promotion, General Health, Result of Efforts

● D81 Power of Planets, Planet Promises, Birth Time Rectification, Large and Major Events, Effects of Dasha's.

There are many more Divisional horoscopes in this way, generally we only mention the horoscope for the predictions. Whilst they have different subjects. According to the subject only the horoscope should be seen.

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