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Do you know how Kalsarp Yog get more Strength ?

Do you know how Kalsarp Yog get more Strength ?

Along with Kalsarpa yoga, there are other yoga in the horoscope, other planetary states which strengthen them, due to which the benefits of Kalsarpa yoga can not be availed.

#Mars - If this comes in contact with Mangal Rahu or Ketu in the horoscope then this yoga becomes more powerful.

#Venus - If the Venus's condition is not good in the horoscope and it comes in contact with Rahu or Ketu, it can bother and increase in a very different way.

#Sun - If this yoga is related to Rahu Ketu then problems in life increases very much and there will be such a problem which almost always remains alive.

#Moon - If it is related to Rahu Ketu in this yoga then there is no problem related to family, relatives, close friends, in our lives. Similarly, many types of effects are seen, which can be known by studying the horoscope.

Kalsarpa Yoga is considered bad in the horoscope.

The main reason for this is If the Kalsarpa yoga is strong then it reduces the effect of the yoga formed from the trio of Sun Mars and Sun Mercury. Likewise, the Moon reduces the effect of Mars and Moon combinations.

Kalsarpa Yoga is more difficult due to the name, because Rahu Ketu is such a planet in the horoscope, which is capable of reaching the sky from land and land to the sky. In whose horoscope Rahu Ketu is strong and gives positive effect, such people do not have problems moving forward. Whereas, in whose horoscope Rahu Ketu is in a bad state, giving negative impact, such people are in trouble.

At the same time, he can not go much further in life. Yoga made from Rahu Ketu can not be made mostly in the horoscope without the cooperation of other planets.

How Rahu Ketu is supported by other planets, it is dependent on all kinds of influences that Rahu Ketu will do. 

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