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Astrological Signifance of Bhagwad Geeta !

Astrological Signifance of Bhagwad Geeta !

#Astrology & #Geeta

Many Time people come to us without Birth Details, Birth Details is not accurate hence not possible to rectified, Horoscope not matching with practical life of native.. many of similar cases.

We are not able to use Horoscope Astrology. In My System, we Use Geeta to Predict for those who didn't have horoscope, queries not possible to answer from Horoscope and various very specific questions, very difficult & life changing questions, we check their answer from Geeta.

In this case whatever Geeta tell use, that is final. After that, no matter what happen, but the decision of Geeta is Supreme. Geeta is quite a great science. It is the simplest of most ancient texts and texts.

This scripture has many important uses. Like life philosophy, spirituality, moral education, diplomacy, war policy, religion etc. Along with this, it has a special significance, it is also used for astrology in astrology. Which is also used by us.

It is said that the Geeta has all the answers to the questions, but how to get an answer. How to remove these answers from songs. Its technique does not tell anyone nor does any answer. I therefore took the task of answering #Geeta  by looking at them all. It is absolutely possible to answer the difficult and different types of questions through the Geeta .

This work has been done by me for many years.

■ 1-47 verses chap 1

■ verses 1-72 chap 2

■ 1-43 verses chap 3

■ verses 1-42 chap 4

■ 1-29 verses chap 5

■ verses 1-47 chap 6

■ 1-30 verses chap 7

■ 1-28 verses chap 8

■ 1-34 verses chap 9

■ verses 1-42 chap 10

■ 1-55 verses chap 11

■ 1-20 verses chap 12

■ 1-34 verses chap 13

■ 1-27 verses chap 14

■ 1-20 verses chap 15

■ 1-24 verses chap 16

■ 1-28 verses chap 17

■ verses 1-78 chap 18

#Process chapter & the number of its verses.

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