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How to calculate and analyze accurate behavior of humans ??

How to calculate and analyze accurate behavior of humans ??

Calculations and Analysis of Accurate Behavior of Human and Living things is possible. Just we need to explore it.

Quite often you must have found yourself engaged in knowing and evaluating your own behavior and that of others.

You must have noticed how you react and behave in certain situations in a manner different from others?

You may have also often asked questions about your relationships with others.

To find an answer to some of these questions, psychologists use the notion of self.

Similarly when we ask questions such as why people are different, how they make different meaning of events, and how they feel and react differently in similar situations (i.e. questions relating to variations in behavior), the notion of personality comes into play.

Both these concepts, i.e. self and personality are intimately related. Self, in fact, lies at the core of personality. The study of self and personality helps us understand not only who we are, but also our uniqueness as well as our similarities with others.

By understanding self and personality, we can understand our own as well as others’ behavior in diverse settings. Several thinkers have analysed the structure and function of self and personality.

As a result, we have different theoretical perspectives on self and personality today. This will introduce you to some basic aspects of self and personality. You will also learn some important theoretical approaches to self and personality and certain methods of personality assessment.

Self and personality refer to the characteristic ways in which we define our existence. They also refer to the ways in which our experiences are organised and show up in our behavior.

From common observation we know that different people hold different ideas about themselves. These ideas represent the self of a person. We also know that different people behave in different ways in a given situation, but the behavior of a particular person from one situation to another generally remains fairly stable. Such a relatively stable pattern of behavior represents the“personality” of that person.

Thus, different persons seem to possess different personalities. These personalities are reflected in the diverse behavior of persons.

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