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CHILDLESSNESS (principles and remedies)

This is a major issue in the Hindu perspective and the marriage in Hindus has acquired sanctity because of the belief that the male issues are a must for the perpetual growth of bandha i.e. the clan.

The eldest Son is called the "Karma Putra" and it is who has the right to lit the pure after death of his parents and it is also responsibility till his death to perform the obsequies for his after parents after death.

Hindu believe in shastra . In Bhagwat Geeta lord krishna says " तस्माच्छात्रं प्रमानंते कार्याकार्य व्ययस्थितौ " which means that shastras should be considered as praman , the reference and perform the (DO's)karya and (DONT's) aakarya as per the dictum enunciated in shastra.

Therefore , Hindus in particular , have the more inclination for male children though it is not ruled out in other religions.

The shastra says that a man without a son does not get emanicipation by the saying "अपुत्रस्यर्गतिं नास्ति". But, unfortunately , some parents do not get be-get male child at all in their life time , but there may be female issues.

In some cases there may be absolutely no issues whether male or female. Many times , to he couples may be puzzle for not becoming parents inspire of they being perfectly fit medically .

Then what is the Problem ??

Astrologically, there are number of factors for this happening .

Sage Parashar has given as to why such child less news take place.

Particularly to those who suffer without a male issue, Parashara has states a number of putr akshaya yoga talking place due to course of sarpa , brothers, material uncle , mother , brahmins, wife, lady , and atripta atmas i.e. unfulfilled and dissatisfied would etc.

Number of planetry combination have been enunciated to identity these courses . In short Parashara has lines that one has to study the affliction of 5th house and tirth lord , the putra karana Jupiter and the karana under heading the analysis for the course is made.

For example one has to study Moon's affliction with her post koning or aspect along with Putra karka Jupiter and the 5th lord. Moon being the significa tor of mother will throw light as to whether the native has any Matrishapa.

Similar ,Mars is to be analyzed for bhratrishapa . Neeche is to be analysed to find the course of maternal uncle, Sun is to Be analysed with Ketu for Pitrishapa. Affliction of Jupiter to be analysed for Brahman shape.

Affliction of Venue should translated for Stree and patni shapa . Affliction of Saturn and Rahu should be get analysed for the preta shala.

1. If navamash lord of 5th ,2nd and 7th houses are conjoined with malefic or aspects by malefics it causes childlessness

2. If Jupiter , lord of lagna , the 7th lord and 5th lord are all devoid of strength it causes childlessness.

3. If the navaja shadi pati of 12th house lord occupies the eighth of the fifth lord occupies krUra sharanagat it causes childlessness.

4. If Sun ,Mars, Rahu and Saturn are strong and if putra karana Jupiter is devoid of strength , the native Mars will not have children.

5. If the 5th lord occupies 6th, 8th, 12th houses it causes childlessness.

6. If the 5th lord occupies kendra and trikon sthanas it is auspicious for birth of children . If the 5th lord occupies 6th, 8th, 12th , sons will not be Born. If the 5th lord is conjoined with malefic or combust , sons are not Born . If Born the sons will die. 

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