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Rahu:The Demon with a Difference (Part - 4)

Rahu:The Demon with a Difference (Part - 4)

Rahu part 4

In continuation from part 3

In my previous post I have clearly mentioned that "the mentioned things are all conditioned to the individual charts."

Hence, readers can imagine that each chart has it's own particular PACS, that's the reason I am not mentioning aspects, conjunctions etc. separately. In order to synchronise with Rahu we need to analyse his modes operandi in details plus his intentions behind the actions. Rahu gives a lot of desires according to the PACS/chart.

The desires which were unfulfilled in the previous births, Rahu reminds us of those desires so that we can do karma accordingly.

These desires and karma will keep us linked to this illusionary world of Maya. This is just a superficial analysis of Rahu and his role in our lives.

In reality Rahu has a far more important role. Rahu when benefic spoils the native with excessive indulgence but in reality he wants the native to control himself. He is testing his self control.

Remember, Rahu is related to poisons too, but poison in CONTROLLED dose works as a MEDICINE. This is what Rahu wants you learn "SELF CONTROL".

Malefic Rahu keeps on obstructing the path of the native to teach him the most important lesson of life "PATIENCE".

Everything will come to you at the right time. Rahu MD native usually suffers loss of family members and fraud from near and dear ones which prepares the native to face the world on it's own.

Rahu MD gives a self made personality.

Rahu makes the native to commit mistakes only to develop our discretion of right and wrong. The losses during Rahu MD makes the native stronger. To make most of the Rahu MD we need to appease Rahu.

For this we need to know how Rahu manifests itself in this realm of human inhabitation. 

To be Continued....

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