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Rahu :The Demon with a Difference Part - 3

Rahu :The Demon with a Difference Part - 3


In continuation from part 2 - 

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As the native becomes more and more self obsessed he/she slips away into depression. If the chart favours native sulks away into extreme depression and starts hallucinating things such as sighting ofspirits, ghosts, being bribed by the devil etc. 

Hence, it's clear why Rahu MD native usually complains of supernatural intervention in their lives. Some natives tell stories of UFO and alien abduction too. If not treated these natives become suicidal.

As natives are already suffering from psychological problems they try to find solace in escaping from the reality. This escapade can be found in addiction of alcohol, gambling, Derby, smoking or drugs abuse. Other forms of addiction can be found in video games, social media obsession and addiction to adult content found on Web.

As Rahu rules the virtual world, online love affairs, online gambling addiction can lead the native to become a victim of online frauds eventually increasing his melancholy mental health.

Sometimes Rahu if in milder malefic state then the native tends to escape reality by imagining scenes in their minds and living in a world of their own. Such escapades never change the reality but makes native "unworthy" in the eyes of society.

People take them as sluggish and stupid or sometimes people can never understand what kind of a person the native actually is. On the spiritual side Rahu tempts a native to question everything.

He is drawn towards atheism. As he loses touch, with the divinity making him weaker spiritually. Thus, Rahu drains away the native physically, psychologically and spiritually. The above mentioned things are all conditioned to the individual charts.

The conditions mentioned are mild to extreme i.e. common to rarest. However, everything has a positive side too. First of all, as I said previously Rahu is not a villain. We can steer all the negativity into practical use if we can synchronise with Rahu. Cont'd. 

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