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Rahu:The Demon with a Difference (Part-1)

Rahu:The Demon with a Difference (Part-1)

Part -1 I am not a professional astrologer, but I was going through Rahu MD and I researched vigorously about rahu. I have concluded that Rahu actually works like Saturn but there's a difference. Rahu is basically a demon whereas Saturn is a deity, hence they work accordingly. When Rahu is positive he bestows the native with "immeasurable" success or wealth almost blinding him/her with the "High of Success" on the other hand Saturn when positive makes the native work really hard. Similarly, while punishing the native Saturn doesn't go beyond the endurance of the native but Rahu doesn't care about the endurance, he keeps on delivering blows one after another. According to some experts Rahu acts as a subordinate to Saturn co ruling Capricorn. They both act as a team- Rahu during its dasha, blinds a native with power of wealth or success and he/she usually looks down upon others. If negative, Rahu keeps on obstructing the path of the native hence tempting him/her to take a "shortcut". Both ways Rahu actually makes the native to accumulate a huge karmic debt which is taken care by Saturn later. Even then we all need to understand that Rahu is actually delivering our past karma and making us bound to the materialistic world by entangling us into Maya. We should try to understand it's nature and make the most of the Rahu MD or AD. The positive side of Rahu is that he will continuously throw the native into deep waters and the native is forced to seek help from his near and dear ones. That's where the native will realise who is a "friend in need". Rahu tores off the "mask" on the faces surrounding you. Being the son of Maya and a Mayavi himself he can see across the illusion/mask of fake friendship, love or care. Usually people going through Rahu MD feel lonely, this is a big reason, because Rahu narrows your circle. Rahu MD prepares the native for life. Rest in next part If you are interested in writing articles related to astrology then do register at - https://astrolok.in/my-profile/register/ or  contact at astrolok.vedic@gmail.com


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