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Visual memories always last longer than any other kind and keeping that in vision, we have created high-quality videos where our experts will elucidate on the subject in detailed manner.

Medical Astrology | Lines in Palm | Medical Palmistry | Disease through lines
Know the "Secrets of Vedic Astrology"
Career Astrology | Combinations of Doctor in a chart | Horoscope Analysis | Predictive Astrology
"शिव और श्रावण" - An Interactive Session
How to manage Mind against Negativity & Self Destructive thoughts ??
Career Numerology - Get Career Guidance through your Birth Date & Life Path Number
"GRAHAN AUR SAMADHAN"- Solar Eclipse 2020 | Effects of Grahan | What you should do during Grahan ?
Mobile Numerology : What should be your Mobile Ringtone | Wallpaper | Screen Lock
Mantra -The Power of Sound | Power of Mantra Chanting | How does Mantra work ?
Palm lines with Different Perspective by Dr. Sagar Patwardhan
Vastu Shastra | Introduction to Vastu | Benefits of Learning Vastu
Vastu Shastra | Learn Vastu Online | Become a Vastu Expert | Vastu | 6 Days Online Vastu Workshop
Astrology Course Feedback | Online Astrology Course Review | Learn Astrology | ज्योतिष सीखें
सूर्य ग्रहण 21 जून 2020 | SOLAR ECLIPSE 21st JUNE 2020 | SURYA GRAHAN
Yoga & Astrology - Part 2 | Astrology in Daily Life | Learn Astrology
Yoga & Astrology | Astrology in Daily life | Learn Astrology
Spiritual Practice & its Astrological Effects
Astrology in Daily Life | Importance of Astrology | Astrological Tips for everyday | ज्योतिष सीखें
Astrology Course | Student's Feedback | Learn Astrology with Mr. Alok Khandelwal | ज्योतिष सीखें
Corona Virus & Astrology | COVID-19 | Coronavirus Astrology | ज्योतिष सीखें
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