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03 Jul 2022


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The numbers are linked to events in life and have a significant influence on one's life.

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With the strength of numerical science and this Online Vedic Numerology Course, you may leap over obstacles and into new chances.

We've all heard that numbers play a game of their own. No one can say which number will turn a bad situation into a good one. The art of numerology is to understand the viewpoint of numbers. Learn about Vedic numerology on the internet and see how closely it relates to life events.

Every individual has a set of numbers "connected" to their personality that affects their life choices, personal growth, and overall life advancement. Complete numbers involving the 10 numerals from 0 to 9 are frequently used in numerology. Numbers are associated with our personality because they represent the characteristics that we're more likely to possess - our strengths and shortcomings.


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Group Discussions

Know more about the best Vedic Numerology course online

This online Numerology course is intended to provide a comprehensive examination and explanation of significant numbers in our lives in order to assist in guiding a person through life's unseen pitfalls and directing them to the rising cornerstones of human endeavor while also assisting them in better understanding their lives.

This course will enable you how to manage the positive and negative aspects of your life. You will learn how to calculate life path scores and personality numbers with Numerology. Many pupils have benefited from the magic of statistics and have become professionals at expressing strengths and deficiencies using numbers.

Learn Numerology from our expert and assist your loved ones in deriving significance from many elements of their life, such as relationships, health, professional advancement, money, personal development, marriage/re-marriage, and much more. Through numerological study, one may arrive at conclusions that provide a wealth of information about oneself and the world at large.

Meet the Mentor

Ms. Ritu Tuli, is a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher with 10 years of experience in a well-reputed private school. She has earned several accolades as well as an encore award from the school administration for initiating the notion of summer programs. She holds an M.Com. from Kanpur University, an M.Ed. from MD University Rohtak, and a B.Ed. from CCS University Meerut.

Apart from being a qualified personnel, she has also mastered the art of Business Process Improvement, Strategic Planning, Communication Skills, Leadership and Team Management, Excellent Time Management, Process optimization, Conflict Resolution, Leadership and, Project Management Skills, Negotiation Skills, Personal Management, Project Tracking and Monitoring, Presentation, and Reporting.


A postgraduate in finance, Ms. Pranjalii M Khatawkar has always been curious about occult sciences and Astrology. Apart from being an ace banker for many years, her love and curiosity towards learning and practicing Astrology always driven her for doing something new and interesting. That is when she decided to learn the divine science of Astrology and later started her journey with Asttrolok and under the guidance of world-renowned astrologer, Mr. Alok Khandelwal. 

She has mastered the disciplines like Vastu, Ayurveda, and Numerology throughout her journey of learning Astrology. She is an active Numerologist and Vastu Consultant and has worked with some of the well-known personalities in the business.

Modules of the Advanced Vedic Numerology Course

Module 1

Module 2

  • Nakshatras and it's lord
  • How to check one's Nakshatra at the time of birth
  • Analysis and traits of Native's birth in particular Nakshatra
  • Nakshatra based Strength and Weakness and Profession related to it
  • Nakshatra in day to day life and Activities related to it.

Module 3

  • Positive and Negative sides of Planets

Module 4

  • Personality traits of Native with Driver No.
  • Personality Traits of Native with Conductor No.
  • Driver No. and Conductor No. Relationship

Module 5

  • Spritual, Emotional, Physical No's in Grid
  • Conjunctions in Vedic Numeroscope and it's Analysis

Module 6

  • Antardasha in certain Mahadasha

Module 7

  • Auspicious/Inauspicious/Neutral chart

Module 8

  • Personal Year Calculations and Predictions with Remedies

Module 9

  • Remedy-Missing Number in Vedic Numeroscope
  • Remedy-Excess Number in Vedic Numeroscope
  • Remedy-Opposite/Conjunction in Vedic Numeroscope

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How Asttrolok is different than other institutes for learning Vedic knowledge


Asttrolok, is a joint venture that was envisioned and established by two gentlemen, who had one common ideology; to serve knowledge that liberates. It began with shunning the most common portrayal of practitioners in this field. Asttrolok was never supposed to be known for traditional avatars, mystic sham & lucky stones, but only for promoting the heritage and teaching of this subject that has been a part of our ancient Indian history ever since.

In 2016, Mr. Alok Khandelwal along with his childhood friend and business partner Mr. Kshitij Shivprasad established Asttrolok with a direction to lead this institute on the concept of super science & not superstition.

With the guidance from his father & Guru, who too was a businessman & an astrologer, Mr. Khandelwal went on to shape his vision of shunning the myths about Vedic science & establishing a fact-based Astrology learning medium on a global platform.

The offering of such unique Vedic science subjects has made it possible for Asttrolok to serve society with brilliant students who have now chosen this path as a career becoming great practitioners themselves.

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Have a look at what our students say about Asttrolok

Had an amazing opportunity to learn basics of astrology by Riddika Panchal ma’am, and I had seen lot of YouTube videos of ma’am on the numerology and much more is been uploaded as and then, very much thankful to enlighten us about this subject in a simple and effective manner. She makes the learning process interesting for not just beginners like me but for advanced level students too. I feel Asttrolok is the right place for learning numerology.

Post Image

Aakansha Khandelwal

Riddika Panchal ma’am has great in depth numerology knowledge. She makes the class sessions easy to understand and humorous for all students. As it’s a hidden science, she tries to give a lot in her lectures. I am enjoying my astrology course with Asttrolok,under Alok sir. She is very learned and has wonderful command over numerology and I had a pleasant experience from Astrolok!!

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Post Image

Thakur Prasad Das

It's not easy to find a numerologist like Riddika Panchal ma’am. I was confused whether my decision for learning numerology is right or not but after attending her sessions I realised this is the best decision I have ever taken. She has excellent way of teaching and she ensures that each and every concept is clear to all. I am planning to learn other courses also in future. Special thanks to Asttrolok team members for helping us all time.

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Post Image

Ritu Dua

Well learning numerology was always a big deal for me. But with Riddika ma’am’s style of teaching, it has become so interesting and easy that it has become my favourite subject. She has a thorough command on the subject and with her simple but effective style of teaching one is able to comprehend it so beautifully. I am grateful to have her as my mentor. She is very eloquent and clear. The best part is she represents numerology as a science with appropriate logics which most of the numerologists miss. Looking forward to learn from her.

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What You Get:

  • Class Recordings- In case you are not able to attend the class at a given time, then you can go through the recording before the next class.

  • PDF Notes- You will get notes in the form of PPTs or PDFs for the topics that will get covered in class that help grasp the core concepts better.

  • Discussion Box- If you have any doubt after the class or while watching the videos, you can ask it in the group. Mentors & Faculty will be available there for resolving it.

  • Assignment & Self-Assessment Quiz- During the course, you will get quiz & assignments that will help assess your performance better.

  • Exam & certificate – After completing the course, there will be an Online Exam including objective, descriptive & practicals. After successfully passing the exam, you will get the certificate from the institute.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Online Vedic Numerology classes will be held on an app called Zoom. We will provide you with a Zoom meeting Id from which you can connect to the live class. Zoom has both audio & video features where you can speak your doubt.
The entire online Vedic Numerology course will be covered in 10 days, including assignments, practical, and exams.
There is no qualification required. Anybody can do this course who have the interest to learn numerology and build a career as a professional numerologist.
We provide classes for 10 days from 7-9 pm IST
We provide video recordings after every class, which you can watch later. You will get limited period access to all the recordings.
We will provide you with an entire study material which will help you a lot. Our study material includes ppt & video recordings.
Study material (PPT & VIDEO) will be provided online through Portal only.
We give all the video recordings and notes which you can access for a limited period.
You can ask all your doubts in between classes. There will be a WhatsApp group too, in which you can drop your question, and we will contact you asap with the answer.
Yes, we conduct practical to make our students more perfect, as well as you need to submit assignments during the course.
After every course, we give a month for preparation then, an online exam will be there, which is mandatory to attend to get certified in Numerology.
Yes, the certificate will be given without any extra cost. There will be a certification ceremony in the institute else we will send it through courier.
Yes, you can pay the fee in 2 installments. Installment should be paid in a particular time frame.

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