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Ekansh Sharma

Ekansh Sharma

  • Hindi
  • 5+ Years of Experience
  • Rs 2000/Consultation
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About Me

Ekansh Sharma hails from a North Indian Family, performing Temple Pujaris. Since early childhood, he showed keen interest in pujas, chantings, and other religious and spiritual activities and learned Sri Ramcharitmanas and Bhagwat Gita under the guidance of his GrandFather. He completed his study of Jyotish at Asttrolok Institute of Vaidic Sciences under the guidance of Jyotish Acharya Sri Alok Khandelwal Ji in 2016 and was certified as Jyotish Mani Astrologer by him. His recent laurels include the successful prediction of the very first Covid-19 Lock-down dates of India. Ekansh has also been working with the Art of Living foundation for a decade now. A popular Spiritual coach, He facilitates various Art of Living workshops namely the Happiness Program, Yes! + Course, Online Meditation and Breath Workshop, and Student Excellence Program. He has so far trained hundreds into meditation and yoga through his workshops.