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Numerology 2020 explains that these numerology predictions are based on a Radical number or Root number.

Number 1 

1 People Born on 1st,10th,19, or 28th of any month are governed by the number 1 and are ruled by Sun. The year 2020 will prove beneficial for you. More so over if you go ahead with structured planning things will move under your favor. It's a great year for stabilizing your finances. Refrain from over expenditure. Since the overall energy of this year is more practical make sure you remove time for your family & friends the more you express your love to them your personal life will be sorted. Stay away from unnecessary arguments.”To each to its own” is the key for this year.

Number 2

People born on  2nd,11th,20th or 29th of any month are ruled by Number 2 and governed by Moon. Number 2 is all about being sensitive, imaginative, emotional and creative. As this year progresses you will have to get more practical to achieve your goals this year. This year will also prove beneficial to you if you avoid being overtly sensitive over minor issues in life. Stay focused on things that are important to you. This year can actually help you to strike a balance between the emotional and practical world. Number 2 people can start something new this year. Finances remain good if planned wisely.

Number 3

People who are born on 3rd,12th,21st or 30th of any month are ruled by Number 3. They are governed by the planet Jupiter. The year 2020 will help you to plan out your vision well only if you are target-oriented and do not get distracted. This year will be a year of putting in more hard work and structured planning to achieve your desires. Make sure you plan out things well. Avoid being lazy and start to work on your goals and also make sure to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Number 4

People born on 4th,13th,22nd or 31st of any month are ruled by number 4. The ruling planet of number 4 is Uranus. The year 2020 when you add it up it gives you number 4 again. This year will be your year to grow and make your foundation strong. This is a year of innovation & invention for you. Let your creative side come out in the world. Hence, the more you socialize with people more things get better for you. Its time to have an out of box thinking. One must refrain from getting into an argument with people unnecessary. This is a year that can be demanding. So one has to put consistent efforts in order to achieve your targets. One must also be physically active to stay in the best of one’s health.

Number 5

People born on 5th,14th,23rd of any month are ruled by number 5. The ruling planet is Mercury. This year will lead you to be more grounded and will push you to be more focused and get aligned with your mind, body, and soul. One has to take care of one's health and try and stick to a healthy regime in terms of your lifestyle. This year your patience can be tested so stay calm avoid taking impulsive decisions. Focus your energies on your goals in order to have a slow and steady yet strong year ahead.

Number 6

People born on 6th,15th,24th of any month are ruled by number 6. They are governed by Venus. This is a year of being practical there is absolutely no point in spending your time, energy & emotions on things or situations that are no longer serving you for your highest good. Its time to avoid procrastination and it’s time to take action with complete belief in yourself. The stronger your will power gets this year you will be able to finally knock out your weakness and emerge out as a winner. Avoid unnecessary expenses this year.

Number 7

People who are born on the 7th,16th or 25th of any month are ruled by number 7. They are governed by the planet Neptune. This year can lead you to dig deep into your inner self. It can be a journey of soul evolution for you. This is also a year of innovation and invention so all that you are researching can now finally see the face of the Sun. Spirituality is on the rise. At the same time, you have to be sure that you aren’t spending too much time alone. Be more social & expressive about your emotions and love for others. The year brings out the best in you. Meditation is recommended.

Number 8

People who are born on 8th,17th,26th of any month are ruled by number 8. The ruling planet is Saturn. This year will be a year of hard work and consistency. One has to avoid being too greedy. The more you stay in ethics things will be better for you. Structured planning is a must. This year can actually make you go strong in the aspects of your life which needs a lot of work. Avoid unnecessary arguments. Health can be a cause of concern make sure you are following a healthy diet and adequate rest is a must. Relationships will need a lot of work so be calm and patience.

Number 9

People who are born on 9th,18th and 27th it any month are ruled by number 9. The ruling planet is Mars. This year can be the year of hard work and some ups and downs. The more patience you are more things gets better for you. It's recommended keeping a low profile. This year avoid taking impulsive decisions. Always think hard and well before reaching to a conclusion. Try and understand other people’s point of view also. Work will be needing more effort & hard work. Being consistent is the key to this year.

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Article Written By:  Riddika Paanchal (Numerologist)

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Weekly Horoscope (6th January 2020 to 12th January 2020)

Are you looking to read the horoscope of the coming week? Do you want to know what your stars have held for you? Check your weekly horoscope below from 6th January to 12th January 2020.

Aries: You will face insecurities for your partner. Whatever he/she will do affect you. So, get ready to feel inevitable disappointment. If you are not into a relationship, you might not get a shoulder cry even. On the work front, in a mid-week, there would be a workload. You will have a good bond with friends but, try not to trust anyone.
Taurus: You might find your next connection after a breakup but, make sure to go with Venus as it will give you positivity. At work, try to provide an opportunity for new fellow because you do not have so many prejudices. Take benefits of sales to shop but never go more at night else you might see bed rest.
Gemini: You need to spend time with yourself more than others. You might think the job is not at all good as you have stuck here for years, but, by the end of the week, everything will be ok.  Make or take a decision for which you don't have to pay. Eat at home or home food only.
Cancer: You will get the whole new feeling as someone is coming to your life. So, enjoy at fullest without overthinking. At professional front, your week will be beautiful and hectic free. You will get lots of chances to fulfill your dreams, which will make your family proud of you.
Leo: Adventure is waiting for you; tell your partner about the changes you want, and he will take you for that. Singles can get adventure in the form of a partner itself. There might be a chance for you to get mingle.
Virgo:  The coming week would be expressive. You will open your feelings, which you usually hide. You will make plans this week to make your relationship thrill. But if you are single, be little alert with people as they can make you lose your mind. In work life, you feel changes that would work in your favor. You can also choose sports to make yourself happy.
Libra: Break the barriers and enjoy your time with friends and family. Those who don't have a partner will not stop for a single moment to go on a trip. You can make all the crucial decisions in your life as well as take a break from work.
Scorpio: It would help if you focused on good things as the year has so many unfavorable stuff for you. It would be best if you gave time to your relation or at home. If you have a child in your home then, it would be good for you to spend as much time as you can.
Sagittarius: There is a love waiting for you if you are single. Might be you end up being in a relationship with a person who is very close to you. Your work-life would be useful as you will overcome all the difficulties. The week would be a stable one for you.
Capricorn: In the starting days of the week, you would seek affection from your partner. You might feel the person is every distant with you. Your friend will give you the desired attention. At work, you will feel dullness and boredom and from which you want to escape to enjoy the time outside.
Aquarius: You should have some trust in your relationship and partner. The relationship of yours will not be good. Apart from that, your work life will also be very dull. If you are doing a business then, there you will get benefits.
Pisces: You will get a chance to talk to your partner and have some stability in your love life. But your work life would be very stressed. So, take full advantage of this weekend to start your coming weekend with ease.

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Yearly Horoscope prediction 2020

Do you interested to know what 2020 is planning for you? How would be your coming year? Would you want to know about your career and relationships? 2020 would be the year for all. It is the year for every zodiac signs as well as give everyone a chance to kick start their new journey. It would be the year for love and career. 
The era of this year will indicate towards the new beginning where some will use their creativity to move forward while some will continue with their hobbies. The conjunction will influence water signs such as Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio. Whatever planets and their position will be, it will effectively change our life. 
So, let’s see what 2020 brings for you as per your zodiac:
1. Aries (March 21 - April 19)
A new year and lots of hard work are what Aries can expect to see in 2020. The combination of Jupiter and Aries will bring overall career luck. On the relationship front, the romantic life of Aries people is going to be very good. You will start loving your partner more than ever. 
2. Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
Taurus will face sudden but favorable changes in their life in the coming year. The year will bring the chances of getting promoted, raises as well as being a team leader. You only need to do what you are doing. Your coming year will be very romantic as all your expectations will get fulfilled. Due to the presence of Venus in the 9th house of Taurus, this year will give you happiness.
3. Gemini (May 21 - June 20)
Gemini will entirely focus their attention on a career. They have to see sudden changes, and always their attention will shift. You will get greater focus and ambition. 2020 will be the year for love. You will get a chance of romance with your partner. Lord of the 4th house, thought to represent relationships and romance but, in starting months, you will face some ups and downs.
4. Cancer (June 21 - July 22)
2020 for Cancerian will be the blossoming one for their side business. You can choose what kind of business you want to. This year, you will receive full support from your life partner. If you are looking for marriage with your partner, then you can proceed further. The year is full of love hopes for married and unmarried people.
5. Leo (July 23 - August 22)
2020 will be all about becoming for those who belong to Leo. You will find yourself growing and thriving because you will build up trust in you more than ever. You will get you head into the spotlight. On the other hand, your love life will be auspicious as well. 
6. Virgo (August 23 - September 22)
Virgo, in the coming year, will take time off. And, it would be in their favor. Virgo is usually very organized, hyper stuck in their schedule as well as they are super busy. They find it difficult to say no to anyone, but, in the coming year, they will build up such quality as well. Like, every other sign, the romantic life of Virgo seems to be happening as well. Saturn will also make opportunities to ticing the knot.
7. Libra (September 23 - October 22)
Libra will spend time with family more than a career. The people will not stay at the workplace late nights and indulge themselves in meetings. All their energy will be used outside the workplace. They want a balanced life so they will maintain everything smartly rather than impressing someone. Venus will be in the 4th house so that the year would be favorable for love life. This year, you will get your partner.
8. Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)
Career would not be the priority for Scopioians as they will choose home life. Their entire focus would be on building a relationship and on the things that will make them happy. Sun is the career planet of the Scorpio, so the year should be fulfilling in a career as well. At the beginning of the year, your love life will be very romantic. The time will fill it with freshness and make you feel the relationship is new and charming.
9. Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)
The year for Sagittarian would be similar to Scorpion. They will target more into personal life rather than professional. But, for future career success, they will prepare. They ill not grind day to day tasks and focus on the overall perspective. In the initial month, you will face some problems in your love life because of the presence of Rahu. But, after a few months, everything will be on track again. 
10. Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)
One of the most hard-working people belonging to this zodiac sign. They love to work for more than their working hours, and this year they will not see many changes. They are usually in their careers. They try to maintain a healthy balance outside work.
In 2020, their love life would be good as the lord of love is Venus. You might get your passion at your workplace only. If you want to tie the knot this year, you would require the permission of your family.
11. Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)
In 2020, all Aquarius will get prestige and fame. From a career perspective, it would be the year for you. You will be praised for your work at the office and will get a chance to promote it.
In a relationship, there would be possibilities for love, and if you are already committed, do not hit yourself in the argument as you will face moderation in marriage life. It would be the balance year with not so much of love or argue. 
12. Pisces (February 19 - March 20)
In their careers, Pisces will explore something meaningful rather than just doing a 9 to 5 job. The scope is more to study art, write a novel, and even put their feet in a startup. This year will support you in whatever option you will choose. On love life, the year would be pleasant and let your love life filled with sweetness. 
So, after seeing this trait of 2020 for every zodiac sign, we can say that it is coming with something new for every zodiac sign. No matter which zodiac sign rules, you will get chances and opportunities.

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Mercury In Vedic Astrology

Mercury is the first planet of the solar system but, in Astrology, it is considered as the neutral planet. It is also known for its nature to being variable, convertible and neutral. Mercury shows native's mentality, reaction, impression, etc. It is actually an intellectual planet that shows genuineness, reproducibility, etc.

It is considered as the ruling planet for zodiacs like Gemini and Virgo. Those who are ruling with this planet can be adaptable in every situation as well as always be curious to know and communicate. It also has some negative aspects of the natives as it makes them indecisive, critical, and filled with nervous and anxious energy. 

But, native feel easy to express their heart out, they can share their thoughts and feelings to people with ease. The traits of Mercury are not limited to this, as it has much more than that, which you can see below.

Traits of Mercury:

  • Mercury is the prince in the solar system.
  • Its earth element, and control two Rashis Gemini and Virgo. 
  • Mercury stays about 4 weeks in a Rashi.
  • He represents speech, intelligence, maternal uncles, short journeys, the medical profession, trade, computers and the web, astrology, and knowledge of the Shastras, accounts, mathematics, journalism, printing, and publishing.
  • Metal is bronze, the gem is emerald, color is green and direction north.
  • Its karka of voice and main karka of business and intellect.
  • All kind of communication whether through verbal, telecom, letter, Internet, etc comes into mercury 
  • Mercury with good aspects shows a little diplomatic brain and excellent disputant character. The native will highly believe in logical things, he will convert himself according to the situation. 
  • Planet Mercury rules over one's mentality, the central nervous system, and the body language.
  • It is also a talkative planet so people born with the ruling planet Mercury can become successful salesmen, marketing persons, insurance agents, and Public Relations executives with excellent communication skills.  

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Saturn in the 12th house of the horoscope

Saturn in the 12th house of the horoscope is considered as one of the most difficult placements. Native can go through depression, feels isolation, fear and restriction.
The malefic zone of Shani is higher which gives either cold or restrictive energy, which builds an atmosphere of self-limitation around the native. Native usually becomes afraid to dream, which leads them towards a state of depression. 
The placement of Saturn in the 12th house is also not good for health. In the later stage of life, a native would see the hospital. It is also responsible for varieties of restriction and places of confinement in native's life. 
Traits of Saturn in the 12th house of the horoscope:
  • The native with Saturn in the 12th house depicts the natives to be attracted to yoga. He is learned in occult science.
  • If Saturn is in the twelfth house, the native will be sinful and will have afflicted in some part of his body. 
  • If he is associated with a benefic the native will be happy, will have good eyesight and will go to heaven after death. If he is associated with a malefic the native will go to hell, will incur wasteful expenditure and will be poor.
  • The natives will be shameless, poor, childless and stupid and some parts of the body of the native will be deformed. 
  • He will be happy in foreign travels. If Saturn is in the 12th as lord of the ascendant, the native will destroy his enemies.
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Saturn in 12th House on Youtube https://youtu.be/X5to8Y3hLCg

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Saturn in 11th House of Vedic Astrology

Saturn in the 11th house of the horoscope, make native friendly with so many people, but they only have a few people close to them. The struggle of making a true friend will continue. 
Native could have introvert nature because they might have gone through difficult experiences in childhood. You would easily get attracted to serious issues. Saturn in the 11th house doesn't let natives participate in gossip. 
The first half of the native's life would be very hardworking while in the second half it would be rewarding. Furthermore, it gives the strategic mind to the native so he /she can understand the structure of the group and how they can form a good foundation of that group.
Saturn becomes benefic for Aries, Sagittarius & Pisces. It gives them many chances to earn money from multiple sources as well as ruling qualities. Saturn gives the attitude of not giving even in delays. 
Native becomes that strong to face every challenge in their life, they can confront every emotion & feeling. When it comes to making a friendly relationship or friendship, native always likes older people.
Traits of Saturn in the 11th house of the horoscope:
  • The native will be learned. He will be feared and respected. 
  • They are also wealthy, much of landed property, political success, influential and politically respected. 
  • If Saturn is in the eleventh house, the native will be very wealthy, but there will be obstacles in his way. 
  • The native will always be wealthy and courageous. 

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Saturn in 11th House on Youtube https://youtu.be/7eXJf4HByK4

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