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Saturn in 8th House of Vedic Astrology

Saturn is one of the most discussed planets in Astrology which create fear in the mind of the native. But, the fact is that Saturn has both positive & negative aspects such as it can make your King as well as a pauper. 

Like, another house the position of Saturn in the 8th house of horoscope also denotes some positive and negative factors. Well, Saturn is the God of Justice so, most of the result depends on the rise and fall of Karma of the native.

The placement of Shani shows the relationship with hidden things, mysteries, obstacles, inheritance, etc. Well, it is very good for spiritual growth. 

Saturn in the 8th house is also known as Dusthana House because it is dealing with the negative things of our life. Well, its position in the 8th house indicates longevity which means you will be blessed with a long life if Saturn is in the 8th house of your horoscope. But, in your long journey of life, you have to work hard. 

Traits of Saturn in the 8th house of the horoscope:

Saturn in the 8th house denotes a long life. 
  • The native will have a limited number of issues and will have defective eyesight. 
  • The native will be unclean, will suffer from piles, will be poor, cruel minded and will remain in want of food 
  • The native will suffer a loss of wealth, will be without friends, sickly and evil-minded. 
  • It promotes good spiritual Progress.
  •  The native will come out of the materialistic world.
  •  It indicates the technical education of the native.
Saturn in 8th House on Youtubehttps://youtu.be/dnPH6mIixJY

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How to become Expert in Numerology

The world is surrounded by both kinds of people as some belief in science while some belief in Astrology and Numerology. But both the categories, always keen to know how it works.
There are numbers of people who are also looking to become successful numerologist. Numerology is the very trending career of scope where young ones come to make their future while old one practiced as an interest.
What Numerology is?
Numerology is the most fascinating word which attracts people. But, it also creates confusion as many things it is the complex mathematical calculation of numbers. In reality, Numerology is the art of the preceding future using numbers.
Well, you must be thinking of how a number can predict your future. Right??? 
So, everything in your life has some purpose either it is your mobile number, birth date, vehicle number, etc. The number is very powerful and the foretelling power to get the relevant information on the native's future.
It is exactly like Astrology where your horoscope is used to predict the future while in Numerology numbers are used. Through Numerology, you can get to know life path numbers and things related to it such as personality, expression as well as soul urge numbers. The real concept behind this idea is that it is affected by the birth name, birth date and certain factors associated with an individual.
How to become a successful Numerologist?
There are numbers of Numerologist available but, the world still needs good and genuine numerologist. So, if you want to become a successful Numerologist, you should learn the art of numbers.
One of the most significant factors to become a Numerology expert you need certification from a renowned institute like Asttrolok.
Asttrolok, Indore has a detailed course of Numerology which you can learn anytime and anywhere. It has a detailed syllabus that covers all the important aspects of numbers and their significance which will help you to get a tag of a certified numerologist.

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Does Astrology Really work?

Scientists say astrology doesn't work but, those who believe in it say it works definitely. Now, the question comes, who is right? Who to believe and follow?
So, nothing is wrong, and nothing is right, it just depends on what you consider by work.

Astrology is the study of stars and planets that work on the person's mood, environment, family, love, and overall life. Prediction done by Astrologer is entirely based on the birth chart or horoscope of the native. 
It can calculate the probability of the event that happens in life and will happen in the future following the past. There are several courses available to learn astrology online wherein you will get an in-depth knowledge of Astrology.

How Do Astrology predictions work?

The working of Astrology depends on the birth time of a person. If someone gives wrong information about their birth time and date, then the prediction of the horoscope will not work. Using a birth chart, predictions are made using positions of the planet, either its in-kind or wrong position. 

Apart from the position of the planet, there are certain things will is also helpful in predicting the future i.e., power, degree of the planet, zodiac signs, transit positions, yoga, yogini transit, etc.  

Asttrolok - An Institute of Vedic Astrology gives you an overall understanding which proves astrology works in a real sense. It is related to karma and gives suitable results. For good works, you will get a good result while sin always pays off with a negative effect. 

 Does wearing Gemstones really help??

Yes, gemstones are one of the excellent remedies consider in astrology. It is associated with Astrology as well as Science. It brings changes and lower the impact of the negative result but, at least an innate need to wear it for 40 days to observe the changes. 

So, astrology works when you believe in it. It takes time to work. So many institutes and Astrologers help you to learn astrology online. So, make sure to choose one of the best institutes to build your astrology career or Astrologer to help you in your future predictions. 

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Saturn in 7th House of Horoscope

7th house in the horoscope indicates as the house of marriage & partner. The position of Saturn or Shani in this house is not considered as an auspicious sign for marriage. 

Saturn's position in the 7th house of horoscope marks heavy karmic lessons. It also involves duties and responsibilities in marital relationships. The main motive of Saturn is to let the native learn patience. 

By teaching patience, it also leads to some delays as well as obstructions in getting tied the knot. It pushes the marriage up to the age of 30 because late marriage gives stability in life than early. It is the trait of Saturn to protect the house but also delay in things properly. 

It further indicates a mature and serious partner usually there must be more than 5 years age gap between partners. Well, it also brings hurdles in the path of natives to make them strong and good decision-makers in life. 

Apart from relations, it creates a problem with vehicles. Native buy vehicles either less than their budget or faces issues regarding this. They usually feel or be in a confused state of mind by having less courage.

Traits of Saturn in the 7th house of the horoscope:

  • The native will have a lean bodied wife, he will be afflicted the body 
  • If Saturn is in his sign or in his sign of exaltation the native will have intimacy with many women 
  • The native will be sickly and will suffer the loss of wife 
  • It shows late marriage and less physical relationship with wife/husband 
  • 7th house Saturn will make the native sick with many diseases. 
  • It gives political success. He has the chance to get honor in a foreign country. 

Saturn in 7th House on YouTube - https://youtu.be/KC81IPqVHLg

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Saturn in 6th House of Horoscope

Saturn in the 6th house works pretty well; even the sixth house is considered a negative house in Astrology. It deals with the daily life routine of natives like service, servants, maternal uncles, obstacles, disputes, debts, loans, enemies, employees, charge, etc. Saturn transit in the 6th house also undergoes active in physical work.

Saturn works powerfully and weakens enemies by calm and cultivated perspective. It ensures longevity by fighting against all diseases and does not let any diseases to come frequently. It denotes the working of native as a lawyer or in the construction industry. Saturn also brings hard work and struggles in the work environment. 

The 6th house of the horoscope is known to as the essential Ath Trikona, with Saturn in it gives financial stability later in life. It suppresses all the malefic things such as debt, enemies, etc. and brings good health, debt-free life, and good relationships. Saturn also helps to sweeten the relationship by building a social circle. Native also get excellent support from the labors along with domestic help because they are kept filled to a specific area.

On the other hand, Saturn may cause fitness problems to native's intestine, joint pains, and deformity in bones.

Traits of Saturn in the 6th house:

1. If Saturn is in the sixth house, the native will have little learning, and there will be the destruction of enemies
2. The native will defeat his enemies, will own cattle like cows and buffaloes, and will suffer the loss of his uncle.
3. The native has problems related to lower portions of the body
4. Saturn in the 6th house creates a problem with the wife.

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Saturn in 6th House on YouTube -  https://youtu.be/SBYdPA06RCQ

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Saturn in 5th House of Vedic Astrology

Saturn's placement in the 5th house is not that bad but actually a challenging one. It delays implications of the house where it is placed in the horoscope, but its nature is more malefic.When Saturn is placed in the 5th house, native feels some lack of happiness, appreciation as well as love in their life. They try hard to express their feelings in front of others, as well as their creativity, also go down.

The native feels a lack of romance in a relationship. Saturn also makes native emotionally unavailable. Due to the cold attitude of the native, people think twice before approaching them. Another trait that native faces by Saturn transit is the problems either in progeny, parenthood or indicates towards a small family. The native may become a strict parent by taking parenting as a serious responsibility. This failure to show your emotions to those who matter should be restricted down to have good and stable relationships.

Traits of Saturn in the 5th house:

1. If Saturn is in the fifth house, the native will be childless/late child/Problem with child and very poor.

2. If Saturn is in his own sign, the native will have daughters

3. If Saturn is active, the native will have affairs with many women.

4. The natives will be evil-minded and devoid of learning, children, wealth, and happiness. He will move around aimlessly.

5. It can make him stubborn or whimsical and will be humiliated.

6. The natives will be strict parents and put extra pressure on their kids.

7. The attitude of the person becomes very cold.

Saturn in 5th House on YouTube - https://youtu.be/4anKAfOXPoM

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