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Weekly Horoscope from 6th April 2020 to 12th April 2020

The week from 6th April 2020 to 12th April 2020 is giving you the combination of balance and disbalance in life. You all need to give extra attention to your health and mental status. So, here have a look at what exactly your zodiac is bringing for you.

As the sun proceeds through your sign, you'll be feeling on a high to get your arrangements going. In any case, the full moon is going through your relationship zone, which actuates a need to shout out around waiting issues with bae. You will get affection from your sibling's side. Give extra attention to your health as you may develop cold and cough.

Because of the sun traveling through a progressively intelligent zone in your horoscope, the more significant part of April will be worried about settling issues that you've been keeping away from. You could light fires you didn't plan to. You may get the news on your marital bliss.

This week is giving you a specific lift with regards to get-together and dating. This is the best time to jump on those applications and begin swiping. Take care of your parents' health. By the end of this week, you will get money and health-related challenges.

You will be pleased on account of some positive news. It is safe to say that you are prepared to take the mic and stand the stage. This week is tied in with flaunting your abilities. In any case, with the full moon going through your home zone, it’s likewise seven days encircling self-care.

You will experience a surge in your prestige. In the work front, you will be active like never before and get a good result as well. To avoid tension, do not indulge in pointless debates. Be a little safe during the last week as it can give you some stress.

Being a Virgo, you're in every case to earn a profit. In any case, with the full moon going through your cash zone, you could be increasingly disposed to rampage spend at this moment. You may likewise be feeling eager, and like you need to get out and travel. Enjoy a reprieve from work, and allow yourself to relax.

Your organization vibes are genuinely going insane this week as the sun goes through your association zone, and Venus travels through your chance segment.  You will move towards immoral activities more. Students need to work hard to achieve high.

Stay calm and be happy as things would be tough for you this week. In case you're worried about something, make an effort not to jump into dangerous approaches to cure them. But, on the business front, you will get profit. The week can give well to those working in media.

You're feeling thrilled nowadays and feeling comfortable in this quarantine time. The sun travels through your relaxation zone and keeps you cheery, even on these intriguing occasions. As the full moon goes through your common area, you may need to defy a companion about something troubling you.

Because of Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn, you're genuinely standing apart at this point. As the planets all assemble in a progressively private zone in your outline, you're utilizing this week to revive. The full moon moves into a more significant territory on Tuesday, which sets you off a piece concerning your work-life balance. Ultimately, the end of the week could bring a good occasion and happy moments.

This week you may feel some contention. Through the zone of communication, the full moon in Libra is traveling just to make it understood to others that you have a remark. On the off chance that you do differ with somebody, attempt to rein back the rudeness. Uranus at play could make you somewhat more pushy than ordinary.

To go through this week, you will be battling hard, as the full moon goes through your zone of finance. Rather than purchasing things to breathe easy, why not go out for a pleasant walk?  You will feel a little confined as both the planets Mars and Uranus are pushing together. It's ideal to discover imaginative approaches to extend yourself with the goal that you're not feeling cooped up. Stay positive and never lose your mind.
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Weekly Horoscope 30th March 2020 to 5th April 2020

With social distancing, the world is getting upset, but this week is going to prove useful for some zodiac signs. But, some have to put extra effort to achieve the perfect balance.  The week from 30th March to 5th April has lots of hidden items for you so, let’s what comes in your plate.

Aries: You need to put some additional effort into the working environment so that you can manage a pleasant and appealing week. A few people will get pulled in light of your words and discourse. You will invest in incredible energy with your relatives. In mid-week, your financial status will improve.

Taurus: The feeling of fondness towards their life partner is what you are going to get. There is a need to keep up a severe beware of your discourse. This will be a typical week on the work front, and you will probably going to make strong additions. You will get the help of your siblings and sisters and will remain pulled in to strict customs.

Gemini: Disarrangement in your work will be seen throughout the week. You will create significant issues and will stay anxious and confounded about your work bizarrely. Belittle cautious about your married life also as there might be some issues.  Well, at the end of the week, things will be in your favor as well.

Cancer: You should manage some psychological and physical issues toward the start of the week. You will invest in casual energy with your relatives as well as your friends. The health of your partner will not be ok as there are some chances that he/she got injured. You will appreciate the joyful organization of your youngster and children's. The week's end will be beneficial for you. You are probably going to get a bit of favorable news.

Leo: Your health-related issues will assume a lower priority. You will, without a doubt, recover from them. Things will stay ordinary in the working environment. You may get a contention with your posterity in the underlying days of the week, or his/her wellbeing may rise as motivation to stress. The relations with your relatives will be agreeable and cherishing.

Virgo: Virgo sign individuals are probably going to confront major issues on the work front. You will stay worried about the problems identified with your mom just as your kid. This will be a typical week with regards to wellbeing. Your karma will be steady; subsequently, a portion of your work will come through no problem at all.

Libra: Those who belong to Libra signs may need to work on their thinking. More you think and more pressure, you will feel this week. You may take part in scholarly conversations while on the health side, this would be a decent week. The week's end may bring abrupt money related additions.

Scorpio: Scorpions should adapt to physical and mental pressure. You will invest superb energy with your life accomplice and children. You will decently satisfy all your household obligations & hear something charming and positive about the relationship. You will concentrate a great deal on cleaning your space. Students may get more significant benefit in this week.

Sagittarius: You may face a battle for harmony in your married life. You will progress nicely on but, you will keep on staying stressed over your wellbeing. You will have odds of cerebral pains and consuming in the eyes. There will be issues on the money related front as well. The week doesn't sound so good as there would be disbalance in the work front also.

Capricorn: Those individuals who come under this will appreciate the happy bonding with their kid. The center of the week will get positive outcomes, but the health-related issue may arise. Your familial and marital life will be healthy. Your life partner may make gains from your real stars.

Aquarius: Those who come under this should manage disappointment and dissatisfaction with their money. You will appreciate excellent quality comfort and invest the majority of your energy with your relatives and companions. Those who are newly married will be bombarded with lots of love and happiness. You are instructed to keep any session concerning presumption away. Students may stay sleepy and not interested in even necessary and earnest errands.

Pisces: Those who come under Pisces may fall in their standard solaces. You may stay eager and stressed regarding personal and professional life. Things don't show up great on the work front. You also have to deal with the well being of your elders and youngster. It is advised to an individual to don't take undue pressure.

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Corona Virus & Astrology | An Astrological View on Corona Virus | Remedies to remain safe

Corona virus or COVID-19 has now emerged as a massive problem in today’s time, and almost every country has now become vulnerable to it. Every day new cases from countries such as America, Iran, and Italy etc. are coming up where the Corona virus infection is being confirmed. 

Right now, the world is facing a critical situation where everyone is in panic and feeling unsafe. It’s not to keep precaution rather than being panic. People need to follow the advice suggested by the government and doctors so you can be safe while the entire world is taking this virus as per their interpretation. At the same time, Astrology has something to say about this as well. 

Interpretation of Corona virus through Astrology:

1. Corona Virus or COVID-19 is the infectious disease spread on the global level is mainly contracted by marine products or seafood. Astrology has profound unrest interpretation about Corona virus (COVID-19) which you can read below:

2. One planet is not responsible for these diseases or virus as it is developed due to the combination of many worlds. And, Moon is the main to spread this virus as it belongs to water elements which mean sea-related are problems are attached to it.

3. Moon is not alone to spread the issues as Ketu (whom we consider as the virus) and Rahu also responsible for the same. 

4. On the other side, Sun is the planet of a benefactor, which works for your healthy immune system. Sun has transited in zodiac signs in January, and Saturn rules it but, as Sun posited in the Saturn, it acts weak.

5. Mercury is also involved in it as an acute condition like pneumonia is also in the symptoms of Corona virus. Jupiter is the planet of expansion which spreads these diseases too. Conjunction of Ketu & Jupiter played an essential role in making the diseases for dense. 

Corona virus & Its Astrological Remedies

Immunity always plays a crucial role to protect you from the virus. Those who have a weaker immunity can easily get affected by this virus as well. Corona hits your immune system directly. 
Here has a look, how to be safe from the Corona virus by using Astrological Remedies:

1. To boost your immunity, use Ayurveda as much as you can. Take organs, garlic, yoghurt, green chillis, lemon etc. 

2. Consume Amla, gooseberry and lemon as it is rich in Vitamin-C while soak yourself in Sun to get Vitamin D to let your body help to fight from diseases. 

3. Make a bag using cloves, black pepper, cardamom, Javitri etc.

4. Meditation and Sudarshan kriya can also help to improve the immune system.

5. The chanting of Om Namah Shivaya can help to make your Jupiter secure; chanting of Ganesh mantra can help you safe from the effect of Ketu. 

6. Do Rudra pooja or listen for Mangal as it keeps you protected.

Well, astrology also says, the effect will spread further between May and September despite preventive measures being carried out.

Be safe, Be protected and Be healthy!

Must watch this video for more clarification on Corona Virus - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrpO2qeS-xE

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Weekly Horoscope 16th March - 22nd March 2020

Read your weekly horoscope from 16th March 2020 to 22nd March 2020. This week Mars conjuncts Jupiter in Capricorn, igniting that locale of the universe with incredible force and potential. So, read below what's this week is bringing for you:

Aries: Make the most of a professional opportunity. You will invest an amazing time in your familial space. Salaried individuals will get the ideal accomplishment in the work environment. You may examine some significant issues in the work environment with your seniors. The week's end may bring some psychological pressures. You may take an interest in strict exercises.

Taurus: You will be allowed to broaden your point of view that may feel unexpected. Have certainty that the universe will help your strength and see you through this choice. You will likewise have health-related issues consistently. It would help if you practiced clever while dealing with money. You should invest the additional struggle in the working environment as well.

Gemini: Start a new beginning with someone who has placed you in distress. The present week's imperativeness is about the possibility to pardon, for your preferred position. You will confront issues in your work environment and routine life. There will be odds of business-related outings as well. There will be a few goods and bad times with regards to your health, so be a little careful.

Cancer: This week will stay involved as a result of the unreasonable outstanding burden. Your associates will be satisfied with you and help out you satisfactorily. There will be odds of fiscal additions mid-week. However, there will be marital and health-related issues. Avoid pointless discussions and exercise limitations on your discourse. The day will give blended outcomes to understudies.

Leo: Leo finds a deeply rooted solution for their health's ups and downs. You're roused to think about yourself now, and this can be a fresh start. You may meet your old and overlooked companions. You will keep up close working connections in the working environment with your seniors. The abrupt appearance of cash will reinforce your budgetary condition. There will be odds of stomach-related and eye diseases as well.

Virgo: You will witness the creative mind and development as this is a charming week. Let free your capacities as a creator, craftsman, organizer, maker, and research where your advancement can take you. If you wish to start an innovative business, you will barely locate a superior time than this. In the mid-week, a student might face specific issues.

Libra: This will be an excellent week for students of schools and colleges. You will appreciate the joyful company of the kids. If you are engaged then, there would be some good news for your relationship. If you wish to change a house, the present week's energies bring enormous potential and high confidence.

Scorpio: This is a marvelous week for connecting with friends and family. Take up any proposition to meet new people and put your game face on when you show up. Your charm is, without a doubt developing in a significant way. There will unquestionably be cash related strains you will face this week.

Sagittarius: Financially, it's everything to play during the present week. Mars and Jupiter bring incredible business openings. But, you will be bothered by psychological pressure. You may stay fretful and stressed. Take significant consideration of your health. You may get clashes with your relatives, particularly with your sibling. Your relationship with your partner will see a happy time.

Capricorn: It's inconceivable week for your profession and your love life, so take those possible results and run with them. An individual should manage some issues related to their health. Some of you may need to experience the medical procedure. There will be some business-related emergencies and pressures also.

Aquarius: Aquarius, there is enormous potential for profound advancement this week, especially on the off chance that you've at present gotten roused by another otherworldly practice or confidence. There will be too much running around for work. Your family life will be harmonious. There are indications of minor health issues.

Pisces: This is a giving week, which is extraordinary for doing incredible on the planet. Take up another assemble promises, expose issues for an explanation close to your heart. Pour your love and your soul into improving our superb world. Do not get into an argument with your senior officers in the work environment.

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This Holi What Colour Will Suit Your Zodiac Sign

The festival of colors is just around the corner, and every it super excited to celebrate it because it is the first Holi of new decade i.e., 2020. On 9th and 10th March, people are going to celebrate this festival with full zeal. 

As we know, the festival is all about colors so, don’t you think so we should celebrate this with the luckiest color? Yes, every zodiac has its lucky color, and playing with this color will make your life happy, and you will never feel a shortage of anything in your life.
So, here find out which color belongs to your zodiac:

Lucky Colour for Holi: Red

The color of Isht Dev will be the luckiest one for this Holi as Aries sign will uniquely celebrate this colorful festival. Bright red colors would be the best choice for you to play this Holi.

Lucky Colour for Holi: Pink & Sky blue 

The venue is the ruling planet of Taurus, which makes the native very enthusiastic in activities. They are very balanced in life, so, colors like sky blue and pink are suggested to them because it will give them luck and energy.

Lucky Colour for Holi: Yellow, Green and Sparkling Red 

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which makes them come up with new ideas. They always are at the center of the celebration. Yellow, Green, and Sparkling Red are the luckiest color for them this Holi.

Lucky Colour for Holi: White or Pale blue

Moon is their planet, and water is the element to which they belong. The native of this zodiac loves to celebrate at home. Family is their priority. The lucky color of this zodiac is white and pale blue.

Lucky Colour for Holi: Orange

Fire is the element, while Sun is the ruling planet of Leo. The individual belongs to this love to decorate their home. Orange is the suggested lucky color for them.

Lucky Colour for Holi: Peach, Yellow, and Brown

Yellow and brown would be the best for Virgo this Holi as they belong to the element Earth.
Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which makes them very disciplined. 

Lucky Colour for Holi: Purple, Dark Blue, Violet, and Red.
Venus is the planet of Libra, which means the people are very adjustable and friendly. New friend making is their first choice. Colors like red, violet, dark blue and purple are their lucky color.

Lucky Colour for Holi: Pink, Green, Red, and Yellow

They always are in their flow as Mars is the ruling planet of this zodiac. Pink, Green, Red, and yellow are the recommendations for people who belong to this.

Lucky Colour for Holi: Lime Yellow

Single color is suggested for Sagittarius; This Holi lime-yellow would be the lucky color as they belong to the planet Jupiter. People are comfortable in every environment.

Lucky Colour for Holi: Grey, Brown, Blue, Black

Grey, Black, Blue, Brown is their color of Holi. Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn is the fun and jolly zodiac sign. People love to celebrate the festival strangely.

Lucky Colour for Holi: Green, Violet and, Blue
Saturn rules over the Zodiac sign Aquarius, the cool colors like blue, green and violet would be suitable for them to play this Holi.

Lucky Colour for Holi: Pink, Indigo, Red, and Green

This is the last zodiac sign which belongs to Jupiter and water element. The person is suggested to play with pink, red, green, and indigo.

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Weekly Horoscope 2nd March to 8th March 2020

Check out what this week is bringing for your zodiac. 
Aries Weekly Horoscope:
Your character will turn out to be significantly progressively appealing throughout the week. If you are a business person then, probably you will go to get something valuable. The center of the week may give you work and wellbeing related strains, so are little cautious. Your marital life will be superb. You will get love and advantage from your life partner. 

Taurus Weekly Horoscope:
You may go to get struggle with their relatives toward the start of the week. It would help if you practiced limitations on your displeasure and discourse. There will be gainful circumstances in your activity and business. Your officials' life will go to satisfy you.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope:
The week will welcome excellent outcomes on the money related front for the people who belong to this zodiac sign. This will be seven days of good and bad times with regards to work so, maintain your stability to face this. You may get clashes with your life accomplice over something. Your sibling's and companion's help will demonstrate gainfully.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope:
Cancerians may get uplifting news related to work as well as a substantial increase in the professional environment is waiting for you. But, you may stay occupied and unfit to concentrate on your work. You are probably going to confront genuine medical problems so, take extra care related to your health. Your marital and familial life will go on smoothly.

Leo Weekly Horoscope:
Things will be typical in the work environment. You may take a critical choice identified with your business, which will demonstrate helpfully. If you are a student then, probably you going to confront a few issues, particularly during the underlying days. You may get worried about your kid. The week's end will be especially profitable in personal and professional life both.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope:
Your relations with your seniors and collaborators may go under the unpleasant climate so, talk mindfully. There will be an excessive amount of going around for routine exercises, yet you will figure out how to finish them all. Understudies will get achievement only in the wake of investing the additional exertion. Deal with your wellbeing as excessive going around may destroy you.

Libra Weekly Horoscope:
The week would turn as the positive one for you as you will go on a trip. You will get the outcomes according to your desire in the working environment. Brokers are probably going to procure great benefits. Your wellbeing will stay tremendous, but there is a slight problem related to money that will happen.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope:
This week, you may confront some medical issues. You may get a contention with a relative, so keep up an exacting beware of your discourse and temper. Your seniors and colleagues will help out you in the workplace. You may get business-related new recommendations also but, accept the offers calmly. You will, without a doubt, make good money this week.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope:
Take a decent consideration of your wellbeing as an old illness may reemerge. You should keep up an agreement with your relatives this week. Hold your temper and self-image under limitation if you need a decent marital life issue. Some of you are probably going to be honored with a child this week.

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope:
You may face health-related issues this week, where you will spend lots of money to treat and get out of it. Things will stay ordinary in the working environment. Salaried individuals may get new work offers. The event that you travel this week, you may confront issues. You may get into clashes with your parents in law. This will be a typical week for understudies, yet they should invest additional applications.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope:
This week will bring tons of travel to individuals who belong to Aquarius. The salaried individuals will get typical outcomes this week as compared to the previous one. Merchants are probably going to Understudies may confront some trouble. There will be an issue with your youngster. You may procure less and go through more this week.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope:
You will get support from your relatives. There will be an expanded degree of holding with relatives throughout the week. You may need to manage a couple of issues in the work environment while in the middle week, you may face money-related things. For students, the week would be normal. You are probably going to get some credit or monetary assistance also.

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