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Numerology is a science that studies the correlation between Numbers and events that occur in our life. It is often associated with paranormal and divinatory arts. However, it is a pure mathematical calculation of Life Path Number, Personality Number and so on. Based on various systems of Numerology, predictions are made for the native's past, present and future. Calculations are made based on established beliefs which may vary based on the system being followed by the Numerologist. Human beings are curious by nature and sciences like these help fulfill this craving for information and satiates the mind's hunger for exploring the unknown. In the realm of the unknown, great mysteries await to be uncovered. According to some enthusiasts, Numerology deals with the practical application of the elementary laws of mathematics to the material existence of man.

It is also known that Numerology is very helpful in delineating how a person behaves. As it is a major part of Astrology, it is important for us to give the wholesome knowledge of the subject. With adequate concentration and dedication, one can become proficient. Although, its roots are deep and expanded to various civilizations

About the Course

We at Astrrolok are equipped with the team of highly experienced faculties for teaching all the aspects of the subject and its conurbations like creating charts, figuring out the mystery behind a person’s birth date and ultimately providing them with accurate predictions. This will the students to open up a broader understanding of what’s going on, and; therefore, they can make wiser choices. Students after getting proficient in this art can get the opportunity to be a part of our institution and help others through their knowledge by providing them the correct direction of life.

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Visual memories always last longer than any other kind and keeping that in vision, we have created high-quality videos where our experts will elucidate on the subject in detailed manner.

It is customized in a viewer-friendly way to avoid complexities

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Welcome to ancient art of astrology

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Diving into depths of vedic astrology

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Interaction of our world with universe

Astro Mani

What we will teach

Numerology & Planets, Core Numbers, Karmic Lessons, Personal Years, Mobile/Vehicle/House Numbers, Harmonious & Disharmonious Numbers, Live Spelling Changes. Practical of all the topics under these will be conducted.

What you will get

We provide knowledge so that one can easily give a remedy for all the problems.