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Astro Mani

To excel the super-science of Astrology, it is important that an individual posses the basic knowledge in Astromani. Since, it is a well known fact that celestial bodies and natural world have a deep connection with each other, and any change in these celestial positions has a great impact of our world. Thus, Astromani comprises all the vital details to study in depth over this inter-relation. The facility of learning astrology online has made it very convenient to learn astrology In India. Asttrolok is one of the best online astrology institutes in India that teaches this art in a span of only 6 months. Subjects ranging from Yoga and doshas, timings of events like eclipse, mahadashas, vimshottaridasha and analysis of transit from moon and ascendant, career assessment through janmpatri and horoscope, minor to major changes in celestial positions and their after-effects on your lives along with the remedies to mitigate them are covered.

All in all, there will be a holistic approach towards ancient Indian vedic astrology, with help of which you can conquer all the personal and professional difficulties in your life at every stage, and so you can help others to achieve the same.

About the Course

Getting best Astrology courses is not a challenge anymore, as our efficacious resources and experts are braced to help you extract the solutions for all the quandaries of your lives by learning jyotishshastra. Our customized study material is designed in a very convenient and comprehensive way, wherein students will be educated by presentations; various assignments will be allotted to them. Also, videos of our study material are available for visual and fun learning, and practical exams are conducted for assessments of the same.


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Visual memories always last longer than any other kind and keeping that in vision, we have created high-quality videos where our experts will elucidate on the subject in detailed manner.

It is customized in a viewer-friendly way to avoid complexities

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Welcome to ancient art of astrology

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Interaction of our world with universe

Astro Mani

What we will teach

Yoga and doshas, Dasha and Transit, Predictive Astrology, Marriage and children Astrology, Medical Astrology, Remedial Astrology, Practical (including all the topics), Yoga and doshas practicals of all the topics under these will be conducted.

What you will get

We provide knowledge so that one can easily give a remedy for all the problems. A solution for disease, stress, conflicts, quarrels, divorce, delay in marriage, career problems, failures, education, negative forces, income, expenses, losses, house, property, litigations, debts, ancestral properties, Pitra dosha, accidents, Manglik dosha, etc problems can be given by you once you learn Astromani under expert guidance.