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Effect of Moon in 8th House in Astrology

Effect of Moon in 8th House in Astrology

Moon having any connection with the 8th house causes several mood swings even those with great creative, artistic and spiritual abilities will suffer from this.

Moon association with 8th house causes sudden mood swings, which can help to uplift ones creative or spiritual gifts and causes sudden confusion or a disturbed mind in utilizing ones gifts. 

A person can be so good in something that at a certain point his mind start getting disturbed and finding it difficult to focus on his gifts or potentials but this will not take long as they often recover quickly and get back to shape. Moon association with the 8th house makes one a two type personality.

Firstly, this can be someone who you often find in a happy mood but later became sad for no reason, the excitement in them suddenly disappears.

The 8th house of change, transformation, intuition, death, rebirth associating with moon will turn people with this placement into chameleons, this people are not changing their skin colors but their attitude, thoughts and mind is always changing or transforming to something new.

Those who devote themselves in feeding their mind in learning or gaining knowledge of esoteric sciences like astrology and palmistry will experience lots great improvement with time.

Moon association with 8th house gives several ups and downs in moods, feelings and thoughts changes.

So if your moon hits you so badly with a strange feelings or bad mood like this, always know that it hit you for a good reason because your mind is about to experience a new transformation and your intuition is about to get a boost and when the moon is done with you, your observation and guessing skills will improve, your intuition will be very strong, your power of concentration will be excellent and most of all your learning, reading and understanding abilities will improve and you will feel like a new soul as if you just had a rebirth.

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