Free Astrology Webinar

Astrology is purely mathematical calculations of celestial positions and, their influence on our world that can help us to expand our vision and senses to better connect with the supreme cosmic energies.

Importance of Astrology:

Astrology is the ancient analytical system that helps people to know their past, present and future. Due to whatever reason, if your life is not going on track then, astrological remedies help to reduce the impact of malefic planetary influences in a person’s natal chart.

How can you help people after learning Astrology?

* You can help people to learn what drives their strengths & shortcomings

* Help people by suggesting appropriate remedies and many more

This unique webinar is based on "Astromani - 6 Months Online Astrology Course" starting from November 2019 ,where you will get to know & learn everything about Astrology.

The webinar will consist of content that helps you to clear all your doubts about the course, such as:

Astro Mani

1. Why one should go for this Astrology course?

2. What a student can learn in this course?

3. Who will take this course?

4. How the teaching will be provided?

5. What are the benefits of pursuing this course?

What will you get in this Webinar?

* An in-depth overview of Astrology Course starting from November

* Interaction with the teacher directly via Zoom.

* Appropriate answer for your queries regarding astrology & Astromani Course.

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