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Saturn in 4th House of  Vedic Astrology

Saturn in 4th House of Vedic Astrology

Saturn is in the 4th house is known to be responsible for conditions of unhappiness, coldness, isolation. There would be unloving, restrictive, and unhappy relationship with parents who don't let any other person being close in life. There are also compelling need to make a pleasant abode and secure home later in life.

When Saturn transit in 4th house, the native carries a heavy emotional burden, the upbringing would be difficult and painful. As it is also ruling the father it is usually considered his sustainment withdraws. Native early in their life experienced forgiving their parents and letting go of any bitterness.

The result of early experience, let the native feel low from inside, their inner security gets shattered, which lead them to build defense mechanisms around them to protect themselves from a vulnerable situation. 

Traits of Saturn in the 4th house:

1. If Saturn is in the fourth house, there will be a loss of a mother or bad relations with mother

2. If Saturn is in his own house or exalted in the fourth house and the native will own horses and prestigious conveyances.

3. If Saturn in the fourth happens to be lord of the ascendant, the mother will be long-lived, and the native will enjoy all kinds of comforts and be happy.

4. The person concerned will have no happiness and will be troubled in mind

5. The native will be without house, conveyance, mother, and happiness. He will also be sickly in his childhood

Saturn in 4th House on YouTube - https://youtu.be/LZPksWqd6oc

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