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Saturn in Vedic Astrology

Saturn in Vedic Astrology

"Saturn: What goes round comes round."

We all know, Saturn as the planet & part of the solar system, but in Astrology, Saturn plays a very crucial role. One of the slowest yet disciplined planets it has a cold & restricted nature.

It helps you study lessons of struggles and hard work to become stronger and more intelligent in the journey of life. It is entirely related to the karmic planet. In the situation of Saturn transits in a person's horoscope, the life of the person affected. There can be situations like sade sati, dhaiya, maha dashas & Antar dashas when a person can reduce to rags.

Positive Traits of Saturn:

1.Saturn has the potential to bring name, fame and prosperity when it is placed right in the horoscope.

2.Saturn gives better organization skills & power to work to achieve goals.

3.It gives you the ability to answer diplomatically even when you are in a clever state of mind.

4.When it is placed in a person's birth chart then, help you to make a better decision in personal & professional life.

Negative Traits of Saturn:

1.A person has to face a struggle when Saturn is not happy on the horoscope. 

2.Delay in events when there is a Sade Sati, dhaiya, transit over birth chart houses. 

3.Saturn taking a person one step forward and 3 steps backwards because the main motto of this is to make a person learn and take experiences. 

4.When it is placed badly in a person's horoscope, it gives depression, lower self-esteem etc. Also, promote a feeling of laziness and constant mental & physical pain.

5.Unlike positive Saturn, negative Saturn makes a person say things without even thinking. 

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