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Vastu Shiromani

Vaastu Shiromani is a profound and advanced level of Vastu Mani. Hence, it is mandatory to have a degree in Vastumani education. Asttrolok is one & only institute that gives facility of online as well as offline classroom learning to its students by teaching about Commercial and Industrial Vastu and its analysis, with highly skilled experts for helping you to delve in the core of the subject.

Asttrolok provides you a great exposure and highly experienced faculties to discover the deeper facts and various slides over this topic will be covered such as Astrological Vastu, Career Vastu, relationship Vastu, Disease Analysis, Vastu analysis as per the horoscope etc. If religiously followed, you can master this art with a minimal investment of 1:30-2 hrs on weekends.

About the Course

In our institute, students will be taught the deeper knowledge of Vastu Shiromani by our connoisseurs that will help you at every step throughout their life. The course can be learned online also. With our syllabus that is compiled of various presentations, and theory material. As there are a lot of calculation involved, we have simplified it with our videos and rest other doubts would be discussed and cleared in our live classes.

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Asttrolok Videos

Visual memories always last longer than any other kind and keeping that in vision, we have created high-quality videos where our experts will elucidate on the subject in detailed manner.

It is customized in a viewer-friendly way to avoid complexities

so that our browsers find it captivating.

Live Classes Demo 1

Welcome to ancient art of astrology

Live Classes Demo 2

Diving into depths of vedic astrology

Live Classes Demo 3

Interaction of our world with universe

Astro Mani

What we will teach

We will teach about Vastu analysis of shops, industries, and analysis of various horoscopes for Vastu predictions.

What you will get

Learning about Vastu Shiromani under our expert guide will increase your scope of success in the field and knowledge as well. We provide teaching courses that give students a unique way of learning about the Vastu Shiromani.