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Alok Khandelwal

Inherited the divine knowledge of ancient vedic astrology from his father , our founder Mr. Alok Khandelwal was always intrigued about the subject. He basically holds finesse in marketing and management along with being CEO & co-founder of several organizations. Also, he actively participates in Art of living foundation and various other social expeditions.

Asttrolok is his ambition that was advised to pursue by his Guru which solely focuses on social service by providing authentic astrology education to students for clearing away the sham being practiced on behalf of it. The organization doesn’t only function as an institute, but also is a platform for emerging astrologers who can learn and join as a professional consultant for utilizing their skills to help people resolve various quandaries in their lives. Now, with over a decade of strengthening experience in Indian Traditional Astrology, Applied Astrology, KP technique, Scientific Analysis, Tatva Astrology, Astrology Combined with Ayurveda & Yoga etc, he has been able to successfully establish Asttrolok that resonates success and knowledge. Apart from this, Mr. Khandelwal serves as a corporate trainer and guest faculty in multiple business schools. And he looks ahead to train as many aspirers as possible, in order to give them a chance to evolve as professionals and individuals as well.

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Our experience says it all, as we are the doyens in this industry backed-up with the finest team of expert consultants for guidance, and leading edge resources to serve as an education hub as well as a platform for our future astrologers.


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