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Learn about the best certified Palmistry course in India

Future lies in the lines of your hand. Read it well.

Hastrekhamani is our online Palmistry course that is a module to empower you with the ability to read palm lines and understand the various aspects of life to act accordingly.

Our hands are actually a reflection of our personality & fate & thus, indicating the characteristic features and traits of people. The position, shape, and color of your palms may all be indicators of good or bad fortune that you might encounter in life and give you an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses you possess.

Course Details

Know more about the best Palmistry course online

This Palmistry course is structured to study the evaluation of hand patterns, shapes, fingers, lines, colors, textures, fingernails, and other enlightning knowledge about Palmistry.

Our online Palmistry course is designed to help people make the right decisions when it comes to education, relationships, career & other important choices in life by analyzing one's own unique line patterns on the palm. It has been proven to reveal one's personality traits, also providing a glimpse into how they think and how they process towards their potential success and failure areas in life .

About The Mentor

Dr. Sagar is a trained Ayurvedic doctor (B.A.M.S.). After having practiced medicine for more than a decade, he found his inner calling which was the invaluable ancient knowledge of Palmistry & Astrology. His first Palm reading was over fifteen years ago and he has seen the palms of more than 50,000 people and studied over 80,000 Astrological charts ever since. 

Specialties: Our palm reading expert, Dr. Sagar’s predictions are quite blunt as he conveys things as they are rather than projecting them to be any better or worse. His method of combining the two sciences makes his reading more accurate as experienced by many people over the years. In addition to this talent, he is also interested in the spiritual path and is a devout follower of his guru, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, and The Art of Living community.

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What You Will Get?

  • Class Recordings- In case you are not able to attend the class at a given time, then you can go through the recording before the next class.

  • PDF Notes- You will get notes in the form of PPTs or PDFs for the topics that will get covered in this Palm Reading course online that help grasp the core concepts better.

  • Discussion Box- If you have any doubt after the class or while watching the videos, you can ask it in the group. Mentors & Faculty will be available there for resolving it.

  • Assignment & Self-Assessment Quiz- During this online palmistry course, you will get quizzes & assignments that will help assess your performance better.

  • Exam & certificate – After completing the course, there will be an Online Exam including objective, descriptive & practical. After successfully passing the exam, you will get a certification in Palmistry from Asttrolok, the best Palmistry training institute in India.

How Impactful This Course Is For You

  • Strong decision making power

  • Complete understanding of the medical condition of native through lines

  • Better Financial Stability

  • Create Additional Opportunities


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What will you Learn?

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