Business and Career Astrology

Every individual has the potential to do something incomparable, some give the head start to their career or business and some need a push start. It’s a game of right time and correct action. For every new beginning, you seek blessings and you need special guidance to make it a success

When it comes choosing your profession and business with the help of astrology, it bears a lot of significance as each zodiac sign come with career depicted alongside. Astrology also has a great deal to say about a person's artistic abilities and passions. Planets largely determine the field which we seem to be the most apt at, whereas the positioning of our strongest areas in the different Houses illuminates what field we might be inclined towards professionally.

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Curriculum for this course
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Introduction to career chart
4 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours
  • Types of career charts
  • Critical decision-making process
  • Effectiveness in decision-making for career
  • Career chart analysis
  • Career Horoscope Reading
  • Job Prediction
  • Promotions
  • Government Job
  • Suitable career choices
  • The process of career planning
  • Skill-set evaluation for different careers
  • Combination of Doctor
  • Lawyer, CA & Engineers
  • Housewives
  • Hotel Management and more
  • Introduction to Dashmansha
  • Dashmansha analysis
  • Different aspects of Dashmansha kundli
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