Discover your life’s purpose in more ways beyond the usual.

Everyone is born with a purpose and life is all about finding it at the right time to make the most of it. If you are the one to make things happen instead of letting them happen, the Astromani course is for you. It is derived from the basics of Vedic astrology which can help you craft the intellect to have a better vision for your present & future. Once you have the right foundation, there is no looking back before reaching great heights.

The idea that planetary bodies in the solar system can actually provide a vision of the future has fascinated people for a very long time. Our interests with astrology range from simply glancing at a newspaper’s zodiac section to making significant decisions in life such as marriage, finance, health, and career to knowing what the future may hold for us.

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What will i learn?
  • Outcomes

Curriculum for this course
50 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours
Astrology Basics
12 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours
  • Signs and their characteristics, gender of signs, ownership and their letters
  • Introduction to bhava, Kendra and trikona bhava, Marak bhava
  • Introduction to planets
  • Bhavat bhavam
  • Mythological stories of planets, gender of planets, Elements of Planets
  • Characteristics of different Ascendants
  • Benefic and Malefic planets of different ascendants
  • Directions of different planets
  • Mutual relationship with planets
  • Aspects of various planets
  • Planets in different houses
  • Bhava lords in different houses
  • Kaal sarp yog
  • General rules of judgment of horoscopes
  • Dhan Yoga, Raj yoga, Panchmahapurush yoga, gajkesari yoga
  • Stability time factor
  • Yoga arising from Moon and Sun
  • Mangaldosha
  • Sade Saadi analysis
  • Analysis of vimshottari dasha, mahadasha,Antar dasha,pratyantar dasha and sukshma dasha
  • Timing of Events
  • Use of dasha system in timing of events and predictions
  • Planetary transit and their effects
  • Analysis of transit from Moon and Ascendant
  • Timing of events through transit
  • Navmasha - how it is created, basic properties in navamsa and Use of Navamsa for prediction
  • Result of 12 houses of horoscope and analysis of yogas
  • Analysis of health, finance, education, profession, children, marriage
  • Prediction through parashari methods, lagna kundli, Chandra kundli, Navmasha
  • Dashmansha and their effect on predictions
  • Marriage - When and How
  • Calculation of marriage age
  • Early marriage, late marriage, denial of marriage
  • Coordination with life partner
  • Love marriage, arrange marriage
  • Promise of children
  • Children- When and How
  • Delay and denial of children
  • Timing of birth of children
  • Relationship between children and parents
  • Assessment of Professional promise from D10 chart
  • Selection of profession – self-employed, doctors, accountant, film actors, journalist, writers, business or job, professor
  • Ups and down in career
  • Timing of important periods of career through horoscope
  • Retirement period
  • Remedies for malefic effects of planets
  • Importance of stones, yantras and mantras & rudraksha
  • Worship of planets
  • Remedies of various planetary problems
  • Practical for all the important topics will be conducted on a regular basis
  • Requirements
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