Astromani Part-2

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One needs to be passionate about understanding the language of stars, what if this passion can turn you into a real astrologer? Astrology is an experience that helps to avoid unpleasantness in life. And to get closer to this art, one must learn a professional astrology course of intermediate level.

Like stars in the sky, astrology can light up the path known as life. Astrology helps us to know how we can make the best use of these tools in our lives for our benefit when we see the bad things in our lives. Astrology is a connecting chord among us and it knows no caste, religion, gender, or nationality. This only concerns important fundamentals of our everyday lives.

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What will i learn?

Curriculum for this course
26 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours
Complete Kundali Analysis
5 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours
  • General rules of judgment of horoscopes
  • Timing of Events
  • Use of dasha system in timing of events and predictions
  • Planetary transit and their effects
  • Result of 12 houses of horoscope and analysis of yogas
  • Lagna Lord in Different Houses
  • Planets in different houses
  • Bhava lords in different houses
  • Analysis of vimshottari dasha, mahadasha,Antar dasha,pratyantar dasha and sukshma dasha
  • Timing of Events
  • Use of dasha system in timing of events and predictions
  • Planetary transit and their effects
  • Analysis of transit from Moon and Ascendant
  • Timing of events through transit.
  • Bhavat bhavam
  • Characteristics of different Ascendants
  • Benefic and Malefic planets of different ascendants
  • Directions of different planets
  • Mutual relationship with planets
  • Aspects of various planets
  • Maran Karak & Digbal
  • Ashtam Shani
  • What is Sade Sati
  • Sade Sati analysis
  • Kaal sarp yog
  • Practical for all the important topics will be conducted on a regular basis
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